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The best bug zapper light bulbs for performance

A bug zapper bulb may not last forever, so you’ll need some suggestions when it’s finally time to replace it. The bug zapper bulbs on our list of best bug zapper bulbs will help ensure that you have a practical and straightforward replacement for your bug zapper. Keep those flying insects at bay without hassle.

When it’s time to replace your bug zapper bulb, you do have some options. You can use the standard bulb that comes with your zapper, or you can upgrade to something like an LED bulb for longer-lasting performance. Our choices can help you make your best decisions.

GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb

Best Zapper Bulb Overall

For a simple indoor solution to your bug problem, this bug zapper bulb is a great choice. It screws into any light socket and provides two modes — light plus zapper or zapper only. It's well suited for entranceways and helps reduce your overall bug populations without intrusive devices. It's convenient and discreet.

Mosquito Killer Bulb 2-Pack by Apder

Best Value

For a big mosquito problem, this two-pack of light bulbs with bug zapper helps ensure that you don't have trouble finding a spot to plug in a zapper. These offer an easy solution by fit into any standard light socket indoors or out. You can set them to light and zap, or zap only, and they're easy to clean for straightforward maintenance.

Flowtron BF-35 Replacement Bulb

Best Bulb Replacement

If you need bug zapper replacement bulbs, this is a good option. It features an intense LED light that fits into standard bug zapper devices that take seven and a half inch bulbs. It has a long-lasting life and attracts bugs from long distances. Installation is straightforward, and the bulb itself is a powerful replacement option.

Sunco Lighting A19 LED Bulb, Yellow Bug Light

Best Humane Alternative

This bulb choice is excellent for night time illumination that won't attract bugs. The yellow hue doesn't kill flying insects, but it doesn't cause them to drift towards the light, reducing bug populations without killing them. If you'd rather not have a zapper, but nighttime bugs drive you crazy, this is a good alternative. Nine watts produce a nice amber glow, and the LED bulb is a long-lasting choice.

Don’t go another day without your trusty bug zapper. Our options provide the best performance and ensure that you maintain your indoor or outdoor environment as efficiently as possible. These choices make choosing and replacing a bug zapper bulb simple.