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Vertical garden of succulents of different shades of green in a swirl pattern

How to grow starter plants in a vertical garden

Save space and grow a beautiful garden with these vertical growing system ideas
View of a vegetable garden

How to plant the ultimate fruit and vegetable garden

These easy-to-grow fruits and vegetables will yield the ultimate crop
black eyed Susans and coneflowers in a garden

On Plant a Flower Day, start an entire garden of beautiful blooms

Feeling inspired to start a flower garden? We've got you covered
An arrangement of dried flowers in a light gray vase

The best flowers for harvesting, drying, and storing

Learn which flowers dry well and will display beautifully in your home
Flower garden full of annual flowers

How to safely transport delicate outdoor plants from one home to another

Can you transplant your outdoor garden when you move?
A chrysanthemum plant with several round, reddish-pink flowers

How to keep pests away from your chrysanthemums

Flowering plants can be delicate -- here's how to keep pests away without damaging the blooms
Man in blue and white shirt mowing his lawn with a small green push mower.

These are the best mowers for small lawns

Your small yard doesn't need a massive mower -- here's what to consider instead
compost bin in use

Do you need worms to compost indoors?

Can you compost without worms or do they have to come into your house?
Small black tubes running parallel to the ground, dripping water

How to choose the best irrigation system for your greenhouse

Select the best irrigation system for your greenhouse with this starter guide
Woman wearing gloves painting the back of a garden bench

Repair or repurpose? What to do with old, broken patio furniture

Don't toss out old furniture -- repurpose it this way instead
Two large brown slugs eating a plant

Organic solutions for managing slugs in your garden and around your home

Manage slugs without chemicals -- these alternatives are great
Soil with small green sprout and little signs labeling the nutrients in the soil

Micronutrients: What are they and why your plants need them

Micronutrients for plants defined in this simple guide
Row of herb plants in pots on windowsill

You can propagate these 5 herbs indoors this winter

Grow herbs indoors this winter with these propagation tips
Mother of thousands plant with plantlets

Plants don’t have to be difficult to propagate — these are the easiest to start

These plants are simple to propagate -- and will thrive no matter how new at it you are
A small round cactus in a brown pot

New cactus? Follow these 5 tips to keep it healthy

So you got a new cactus -- now here's how to help it thrive
White metal rocking chair

Bring a piece of vintage to your backyard with these 3 pieces

Add some beautiful vintage pieces to your patio -- here's how to get inspired
Spider plant with spiderettes

Spider plants are hardy hydroponic plants — this is how they grow best

Propagate and grow your own spider plants -- this is how
A terracotta pot made into a strawberry tower, with holes in the side from which strawberry plants grow, on a table in a garden

You only need these 5 items to build your own strawberry tower

You can build a simple strawberry tower with these 5 items
Small fruit tree outside in a brown pot

Can you start a tree in a flower pot? It depends on the tree

Can you start growing a tree in a flower pot? Why, yes, you can! Here's how
Hands covering the base of a sapling with mulch

Is organic garden mulch different from regular mulch?

Is there a difference between organic and regular mulch?
Person handling soil

Downtime projects: How to prepare soil for gardens

Prep your garden with good soil and you'll reap the benefits
An arrangement of different echeveria succulents of different sizes and colors

The 3 best succulent subscription services we’ve seen yet

Not every subscription service is the same -- we've picked our favorites.
Close up of perennial ryegrass

Grass turning brown or pink? This might be the root of the problem

If your grass is changing color, that could be a sign of a deeper problem. Here's what to consider.
Young seedling in gentle rain

Do your plants need vitamins? Here’s what you need to know

Plants, like people, may need some vitamins. Here's how to know what nutrients your plants need to grow well.
A bush of light pink azaleas

How to grow your own azaleas now for striking spring blooms

Make sure your garden is full of striking spring blooms by growing your own azaleas
Thrip on a plant leaf

How to get rid of thrips the natural way

Thrips can do damage to your houseplants if you're not careful. Here's how to eradicate them without harming your plants.
Various colorful flowers in a garden with a low wooden wall border

3 organic bug sprays to keep pests away naturally

When gardening, you want to keep the pests away without harming your plants. We list three effective sprays that are natural.
Large pruning shears cutting a tree branch

Trimming vs pruning: What to choose based on your plants

When managing foliage, it's important to take good care of your plants. Here's how to know whether to trim or prune
A hand reaching up to pick a ripe red apple

Should you graft your fruit trees?

Grafting your fruit trees is important to encourage growth. Here's how to know when to start.
Mint on windowsill

3 ways you can grow mint indoors

Get started growing your own mint, one of the easiest herbs to care for, indoors with this handy guide.
A row of sapling trees with a small black tube dripping water

Drip irrigation could save your trees – here’s how

If you have young trees, or trees that seem to be struggling, the answer may be drip irrigation. We show you what you need to know.
Small basil plant growing in a coffee mug

What’s chewing holes in your basil and how to eradicate them

Homegrown basil is the freshest of all, but pests might be getting into it, We show you what you can do to keep your basil safe.
Two cucumbers growing from a vine on the ground, with a yellow flower in front

Anyone can pollinate cucumbers by hand with these methods

Your vegetable garden could benefit from cucumber pollination - here's how you can start.
Garden shovel with dirt

Add trace minerals to your soil for maximum plant health and growth

Trace minerals are nutrients that plants need to thrive. You can learn about them here and if your plant is getting enough.
Cutworm on a leaf

Cutworms taking over your garden? Eradicate them with these 4 tips

You really love your garden, cutworms are invading it, We list four critical things to know in order to get rid of them.