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A person staining wood

Refinish outdoor furniture in a weekend with these 7 tools under $100

It doesn't have to cost hours and an arm and a leg to refinish outdoor furniture. Here's how to get it done in a weekend.
Deck planters with feet

How to prevent planters from damaging your porch

Planters can scrape up your porch if you're not careful. Here are some tips to try.
A modern outdoor kitchen

How to build an amazing outdoor kitchen area for under $1,000

Outdoor kitchens don't have to break the bank. Here's how to build one for $1,000 or less.
Shaded above-ground pool

DIY your own above-ground pool with these ideas and tips

You can build your own above-ground pool with these simple steps.
A potted bromeliad with a pink bloom

How big is your bromeliad going to grow?

This is everything you need to know about bromeliad plants, including how big yours might get.
Small pink and dark green cordyline plants

Here’s how to choose the best cordyline varieties for your home

Selecting plants for your home can be an undertaking. Here's how to pick the best cordyline varieties for yours!
Vase of flowering begonias

How to help your begonias bloom

The begonias' variegated foliage makes them a unique, coveted plant. Our tips will help make this beautiful plant bloom.
Violet arrangements carried in bags

Choosing the best flower delivery service: What you need to know

You can receive beautiful flowers delivered with one of these amazing delivery services. We list the pros and cons of each one.
Plants on a bathroom counter

These plants will purify your bathroom naturally

Decorative bathroom plants don't have to be all form and no function. We list plants that will purify the air naturally.
Potted golden pothos

What’s a pothos plant and how can you keep one alive?

A pothos plant is a hardy and colorful plant to have in your home. We give you the ins and out of caring for one and its varieties.
Aster flowers

The garden plants to avoid if you have allergies

If you're allergic to outdoor plants, it's likely you'll be allergic to some garden plants as well. That means being careful of ones you grow indoors.
Flower bouquet in a basket

These are the best flower-subscription services, hands down

With so many flower subscription services to choose from, it's hard to decide which one is the best. We list three can't-miss choices.
A potted fern on the floor

The 3 best types of indoor ferns for any home gardener

Indoor ferns bring luscious, beautiful greenery into any home. We list three attractive ferns that will thrive in an indoor space.
Group of mature bromeliads

How big do Bromeliads get?

Proper care and nutrition will help grow your bromeliad pups as big as they can be. Our guide will show you how to successfully do it.
A potted pothos plant on a table

4 fast-growing indoor plants anyone will love

Indoor plants are beautiful and rewarding for any space. We list four plants you can care for and be a great addition to your home.
Four pots of fresh herbs

Edible houseplants you can grow year-round

With the right plants and proper care, you can grow a variety of edible houseplants year-round to provide you with fresh produce and foods.
A water garden greenhouse

The perfect greenhouse environment: Temperature and humidity basics

Sustaining a consistent greenhouse environment is a learning experience for even the most professional gardener. Our guide shows you how.
A chic urban patio with plants

Chic urban patio ideas for any home

In urban spaces, patios can sometimes be the most outdoor space you have. Our tips will give you great ideas to make the most of it.
A beautiful English cottage garden

How to design an English garden, no matter where you live

There are two types of English gardens that you can use for inspiration.
In-ground pool in a backyard

How to design the right size pool for your home

There are important things to consider when choosing a pool. We discuss whether an in-ground or above-ground pool is best for you.
Metal furniture set on a stone patio

How to choose between the different types of patio chairs

Patio chairs come in a variety of styles and materials. We help you choose which seating suits the look and feel for your patio best.
Interior of a large greenhouse

The most successful greenhouse gardeners have a great watering system

Different-sized greenhouses will work better with different types of irrigation systems. One of our several options will suit you best.
A built-in outdoor grill

What you need to know about built-in barbecue grills

There are three unique types of built-in grills to choose from, each with their own benefits and costs. We list the pros and cons of them.
Small potted Madagascar palms

How to care for a Madagascar palm

Madagascar palms can be grown indoors and outdoors, depending on your climate. Our step-by-step guide shows how to easily grow them.
Plants on a patio

Deck garden ideas everyone can use

With a combination of containers, boxes, and vertical gardens, you'll be able to create a deck garden that's creative and grows exactly what you want.
A gardener leaving a greenhouse

Gardening 101: A beginner’s guide to greenhouse gardening

As a beginner greenhouse gardener, it's important to know how the basics. We show how you can be successful when starting your greenhouse.
Deck with lights at night

Incredible deck lighting ideas for any home

Deck lighting is one of the easiest additions to help spruce up an outdoor space with an ambient glow. We list our top ideas.