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Broccoli in basket

What you need to know about planting winter vegetables

Planting winter vegetables that can stand up to the cold can be hard. We've got you covered.
Snake plants on a table

Here’s how to take care of your indoor plants for spring

Don't forget your indoor plants this spring with these comprehensive care tips.
Monstera plant

7 Reddit communities gardening enthusiasts love

Whether you need to crowdsource plant concerns, have a bevy of questions, or just want to look at weird plants, these subreddits are for you
Mom in garden picking apples

Our favorite Mother’s Day garden gift ideas

Is your mom a greenery enthusiast? From decor to plants, check out these last-minute gardening gifts to treat your mom on Mother's Day.
Peach tree

What to know about climate zones before planting your garden

Climate zones are vital to any gardener, but what is there to know about them? We break it down
Person in headphones

Our 8 favorite podcasts for gardeners

Give these a listen the next time you're weeding, planting, or driving to the hardware store for another bag of fertilizer
Plants growing in a greenhouse

Why you need to make greenhouse maintenance a priority

Your greenhouse is home to many amazing plants -- this is why it's vital you keep that space clean
Succulent in planter

Ensure your succulents thrive in winter with these 4 tips

Succulents are super hardy -- here's how to ensure they flourish in the winter months
Gardener pulling weed

These are the 3 best organic herbicides for weeds

Manage weeds without worrying about chemicals -- these brands hurt weeds but not your plants
Peach plant

Do you live in Climate Zone 6? How to tell if your plants will last

Perennial plants are supposed to come back yearly, but not all plants love all climates. Here's how to properly select your plants
Child watering plants

5 ways you and your family can celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with these 5 ideas for your yard and home
Hydroponically grown vegetables

Gardening 101: 6 types of hydroponic systems explained

What's the difference between the six main hydroponic systems and which one would work best for you?
Herbs in containers

6 ways to help your garden go green for Earth Day

Honor the earth and spruce up your garden with these great ideas.
Potted golden pothos

Gardening 101: Grow tropical plants in any climate, all year-round

Tropical plants aren't all high-maintenance -- these are the best ones out there
Watering can in garden

Our ultimate guide to planting a low-maintenance garden

Flowers without fuss are totally attainable -- here's how
Parent and kid with plants

Stream these 7 shows to teach kids about plants  

Cultivate a love of gardening in your children with these engaging shows
A hydroponic setup with small plants

Hydroponic vs. soil: Which growing method is best for your vegetables

Aside from the growing method, is there any other difference between hydroponic and garden-grown plants?
A person repotting marigolds

What to put in a gardening gift basket

Build a beautiful gardening gift basket with these ideas
Medinilla magnifica cluster

What is a medinilla magnifica and how can you care for it?

Ensure healthy blooms by learning the best conditions for the care and maintenance of your medinilla magnifica.
Basil plant

You can grow these edible houseplants inside right now

Get your edible houseplant garden started today with these plants.