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Kristin Washagan

Kristin Washagan

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Kristin Washagan is a contributing writer with keen interests in sustainability, environmental justice, and green gardening. Washagan enjoys feature writing because features enable her to learn alongside trusted sources and dive deeper into topics with care.

Father showing children the tomato plant in their garden

Climate change threatens the future of gardens; gardeners may be the solution

Gardeners can help combat the unpredictable effects of climate change by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and challenging the industrial food system
Monarch butterfly near purple aster flowers

The pesticides market is now worth $11 billion; that’s a huge problem

The pesticides market is nearly worth $11 billion. Here's why that's a problem.
Child stands before chicken coop with his dog

Homesteaders embrace self-sufficiency for the health of the environment

Homesteaders promote sustainability and self-sufficient living as the means to take control of personal health and personal responsibility to the environment
Gardeners adding compost to a plant

Compost in your own backyard to maximize your blooms for your bucks

Red worm and outdoor composting systems reduce gardeners' reliance on synthetic fertilizers and help the environment by diverting organic waste out of landfills
A person watering their houseplant

Are houseplants really good for the environment?

We love houseplants, but are they good for the environment? Here's what we know
Gardener adding soil to potted plants

Optimal soil for gardening relies on environment, nutrition, and care

Determined by region, water retention, structure, and chemical composition, quality soil encourages plant growth, ecosystem health, and better crop yields.
Person adding vegetable scraps to a compost container

Composting made easy: pickup services help divert food waste from landfills

Compost pickup services help users take personal responsibility and divert waste from landfills, but more infrastructure remains necessary for meaningful change
Hoverfly pollinating purple flower

Ugly pollinators deserve recognition, too

Pollinators like beetles may not be as beautiful as butterflies, but they still have an important role in our ecosystem.
Flowers surrounding wooden bench

Color theory & gardening: landscape design can contribute more than aesthetic value

Color theory is important to consider when designing gardens. Color contributes to the aesthetic value and can also attract important pollinators.