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Indoor plants

An orchid potted indoors

Are orchids poisonous to cats? We’ll tell you

Orchids are beautiful, elegant plants, but are they safe to have around your pets? Here's what you need to know to keep your plants and pets safe.
Green dieffenbachia leaves

What you need to know about growing dieffenbachia (dumb cane plant)

A potted air plant (tillandsia) sitting on a window sill

How to care for air plants: A complete guide

Fertilizer pellets

What exactly is vermiculite?

Monstera adansonii

Your guide to growing the Monstera adansonii, aka the Swiss cheese plant

A small potted dracaena marginata

10 beautiful dracaena plants to add to your houseplant collection

Potted peace lily by a window

What does indirect sunlight actually mean?

A coleus plant with orange and red leaves

Coleus plant care: How to grow it indoors and outdoors

Prayer plant

Prayer plant care: Everything you need to know to grow a lush and healthy plant

Fiddle-leaf fig

How to propagate fiddle-leaf fig plants: A step-by-step guide

Pothos plant in a vase of water with roots

Watch out for these signs of root rot in your plants

Several bromeliad flowers in various colors

How often do bromeliads flower? How to help these blooms thrive

Philodendron in a small peach colored flower pot

How to care for philodendrons, a decorative indoor plant

Philodendrons are low-maintenance and beautiful plants. This philodendron care guide will tell you everything you need to know to make sure yours thrives.
Areca palm

The best large indoor plants for an instant statement this spring

Here's how to choose the best big houseplant for your home to fill out your space without extensive upkeep requirements.
A small jade plant in a pot with other succulents

Jade plant care: A complete grower’s guide

Jade plants are beautiful succulents that are surprisingly easy to care for. Want to add this charming plant to your home? This care guide will show you how.
A collection of potted cacti

How long does it take for a cactus to grow? Here’s what we know

Wondering how long you'll need to wait for your cactus to grow? Here's what we know.
Elephant ear plant leaves

Elephant ear plant care guide: What you need to know

Elephant ear plants are large, leafy, and lovely, so it's no wonder they're such popular houseplants. Here's what to know about caring for them.
Red and green rubber tree in a gray pot against a white background

How to propagate your own stunning rubber tree plant from a cutting

Rubber tree plants are small, indoor trees that are great for desks and windowsills. Here's how to start a rubber tree plant from a cutting.
Thai Constellation Monstera

Now that it’s more common, here’s how to care for your sought-after Thai Constellation Monstera

Here's what you need to know about caring for the much-coveted Thai Constellation Monstera plant.
Fresh sprigs of flat leaf parsley

How are Italian parsley and curly parsley different? Here’s what we know

Here's what we know about the difference between Italian parsley and curly parsley, and why it matters.
Fiddle-leaf fig beside stairs

How to treat brown spots on fiddle-leaf figs to get your plant back in tiptop shape

Let's walk through how to treat brown spots on fiddle-leaf fig leaves and return your plant to a beautiful green.
A tulip in a vase with water beads

Can you grow plants in water beads? Here’s what you need to know

Water beads are a fun and colorful way to grow plants hydroponically. If you want to give this method a try, here are the plants you should use.
Basil seedlings

How to grow basil indoors: Everything you need to know

Growing basil is easy, so it's no surprise that you can grow it indoors. Here's how to maintain a lush plant in your kitchen garden.
Pothos growing in water

Can pothos live in water forever? How to root, grow, and propagate pothos in water

Pothos are often grown in soil, but they can also grow in water. Here's what to know about growing pothos in water.
Top down view of several potted plants together in a box

5 easy indoor plants anyone can grow

If you're looking to start gardening, but have had trouble in the past, then start with this list. Any beginner can care for these easy indoor plants.
Leaves on a plant turning brown

Brown tips on plants can be a sign of many different conditions – here’s how to identify and treat them

Do the leaves on your indoor plants have brown tips? Here's what's causing them and how to fix the problem.
An assortment of succulents in pots

These incredible indoor succulents are our favorites

When it comes to picking succulents for your home, the amount of options can be overwhelming. To help make your choice, here are our favorite indoor succulents.
Bonsai tree in purple rectangular pot blooming purple flowers

The dos and don’ts of caring for your bonsai tree

Bonsai trees are beautiful and relaxing, but how do you care for them? This guide will answer your questions so you can keep your bonsai tree happy and healthy.
Aloe vera pups

Here’s how to care for your aloe vera plant to reap its soothing benefits

Here are tips on how to grow your own aloe vera plant for the best results.
A collection of various houseplants

The 5 best tall indoor plants you can get to create a lively space

Do you have a room that needs a burst of greenery? Add these five tall indoor plants to your collection to fill your home with foliage and flowers.
Several houseplants including a money tree and a cactus on a window sill

A complete money tree care guide

Money trees are beautiful trees that symbolize good luck. This guide will help your money tree thrive by answering all your questions about money tree care.
Spider plant

Spider plant care: Everything you need to know

Spider plants are hardy plants that can withstand a lot, but how can you ensure yours is thriving? Here's everything you need to know about spider plant care.
A gardener pruning plants

How to prune houseplants: A complete guide

Pruning your indoor houseplants will help keep them happy, healthy, and thriving. Our tips will show you how to do it right.
Shelves of air purifying plants

The 7 best houseplants for allergies

These 6 plants are not only great for allergies, but they also help purify the air. We call that a win-win.
A crate full of harvested herbs

Growing herbs in a greenhouse: What you need to know

There are hundreds of different herbs that grow effectively under greenhouse conditions. Our guide will walk you through the process.