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Seed starting in cups

Gardening 101: 7 easy seeds to grow in cups for a tiny, adorable, and low-maintenance indoor garden

Whether you want some indoor greenery or you're just short on space, try growing these seeds in cups. Not only will they thrive, but they'll look adorable, too!
Red amaryllis with a white center

Your guide to festive holiday flower bulbs this Christmas

A gravy boat of Brussels sprouts on a cutting board

A complete guide to growing delicious Brussels sprouts in the winter

Person pruning a tree

How to properly prune your trees in winter for healthy growth year-round

Five grown tomatoes

Can you grow tomatoes indoors during the cold winter months?

A bowl of freshly washed kale

Kale is delicious and nutritious: How to grow your own harvest this winter

Indoor ivy on a trellis

How to grow ivy indoors without it taking over your house

Small rounded greenhouse

Small greenhouse tips: 5 ways to make the most of limited space

Binge Netflix garden shows

These are the 10 best gardening shows to stream right now

Kentucky bluegrass landscape

Keep your yard happy all year with these 5 grasses that grow in the winter

A container gardening display

Use these tips to start a successful indoor vegetable garden this winter

A potted peace lily displayed on a desk

How do you care for a peace lily indoors? It’s easier than you think

A bucket of compost scraps

How to make a compost bin from a 5-gallon bucket

You can compost at home without dedicating too much time or space. Here's how to make your own DIY compost bin with a 5-gallon bucket.
Bromeliads in bloom

3 things you should know about flowering bromeliads

Flowering bromeliad care depends on whether you want to encourage new bromeliads pups. Remember that each bromeliad only blooms once.
Fertilizing lawn

A guide to winter lawn fertilizer for keeping your turf healthy this season

Are you getting ready for winter? Make sure you know what fertilizer to buy for your lawn by following our guide.
Close-up of daffodils in sunlight

4 November garden plants you should consider growing

If you're wondering what to grow late in the fall, here's a guide to what to plant in your garden this November.
Stone house with yard full of golden leaves

4 outdoor gardening projects to focus on this November

Take advantage of the cooler weather and do these four projects this November.
Family collecting fallen leaves

Composting fall leaves is easier than you think – Here’s how to make use of all those fallen leaves

From compost to mulch, all those fallen leaves in your yard can be put to good use in your garden. Here's how to make them work for you.
Squirrel eating a peach from a tree

What you need to know about electric garden fences

Electric garden fences can help keep vermin out, but there's a lot you may not know about them. Here are the details.
Beets laying on a table

Can you leave beets in the ground over winter? Here’s what to know about storing beets for winter

Here's everything you need to know about leaving beets in the ground over winter, including whether to do it.
Lobelia erinus blooming in a container

These cool-season annuals would be a great addition to your garden

Add these attractive cool-season annuals to your garden to brighten up your fall.
Leaf mulcher

Are mulched leaves good for grass? Here’s how to mulch a lawn full of leaves this fall

Fall leaves can benefit your garden, even making an excellent fertilizer! Our guide helps turn your leaves into mulch.
Hands full of fallen leaves

How to use fall leaves in your compost pile

Fall leaves are a great addition to your compost pile. Here's what to keep in mind when you add them
Assorted dehydrated fruit pieces

How long will dehydrated fruit last? This is what we know

Dehydrated fruit is great, but how long does it last? We find out.
A woman watering her indoor herbs

How to move your vegetable gardening indoors for a winter harvest

Add these plants to your garden this October so you can have a winter harvest.
Shovel in pile of dirt compost

‘Should I Compost in the Fall?’ Yes, Absolutely! Here’s What to Use and How to Do It

Fall is the best season for composting. Here's what you should be adding to your pile and how to do it.
Stone house with yard full of golden leaves

Here’s everything you need to know about lawn care this fall

Make sure your lawn continues thriving this fall by following these tips.
Peas in a basket

This is how to know when to harvest your peas for maximum flavor and crispiness

When should you harvest peas for the best flavor? Too early and they're too sweet. Too late and they're not sweet enough. Here's how to get the timing right!
Sliced sweet potatoes

How to grow sweet potatoes: 6 effective tips to grow these delicious tubers

Get a bountiful harvest of sweet potatoes by following these easy steps.
Scarecrow among fall flowers

7 beautiful, fall-blooming perennials to add to your garden

For the best fall colors, plant these bright, gorgeous perennial flowers in your garden landscape this autumn.
Beautiful light purple aster

The colors of fall flowers can be striking: 10 flowers that’ll have your garden bursting with fall colors

Just because summer is over, it doesn't mean your garden has to dial back the color. Plant these flowers to keep your yard bursting with color.
Freshly harvested spinach leaves in a bowl

Here’s what you need to know about spinach germination time and how to grow this salad staple

Spinach is a low-maintenance and fast-growing cool-weather plant. Here's what you need to know about spinach germination time.
A small box full of freshly harvested beets

Planting beetroot? Useful tips you need to know

This is your guide to successfully planting beetroot.
View of a vegetable garden

Here are the best flowers and vegetables to plant in October

Here's a thorough guide on what to plant in your garden this October for delicious winter and spring harvests.
Pampas grass

Accentuate your fall garden with these ornamental grasses

Accentuate your fall garden with these ornamental grasses

These are the best ornamental grasses to plant in your fall garden to add color, interest, and definition to your yard.