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Two cucumbers growing from a vine on the ground, with a yellow flower in front

Is a cucumber a fruit or a vegetable? The answer might surprise you

Most people know by now that tomatoes are technically fruits, but what about cucumbers? Here's what we know about this staple fruit/vegetable.
Pink carnation flowers

How to care for carnations, a gorgeous flower for your garden

A field of lavender flowers

How to grow lavender from seed to keep your garden and your home smelling fresh

best chemical sprayer

The Best Chemical Sprayers of 2024

best mulch glue

The Best Mulch Glue: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

best fogger for plants

The Best Foggers for Plants: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Person pruning lilacs

How to prune lilacs for healthy growth and beautiful blooms

A striped zucchini growing on the vine

The best (and worst) zucchini companion plants

Several ripe red raspberries on a vine

Grow these 6 unique companion plants for raspberries in your garden

A person harvesting a yellow bell pepper

The best (and worst) pepper companion plants

Lemons and crystalized citric acid on a cutting board

What fruits have citric acid?

Manicured Bermuda lawn

Choosing the best grass seed for your lawn – what you need to know

Cucumbers and tomatoes growing together

The best (and worst) cucumber companion plants

From fruits and vegetables to flowers and herbs, these are the best cucumber companion plants for you to grow - and the ones you should avoid.
Bright red montmorency cherries on a tree

What to consider when planting a cherry tree

Grow your own cherries to make sure you always have fresh fruit on hand. Set your fruit garden up for success with this cherry tree growing guide.
An overgrown lilac bush beside a mailbox

How to care for geraniums, the perfect flower for your garden

Garden-variety geraniums are relatively easy to care for, but you should keep these maintenance tips in mind for lush blooms.
A cluster of ripened tomatoes

Do tomatoes need full sun to thrive? What you need to know

Tomatoes: Do they need full sun? How much sun? What kind of sunlight is best? We tell you what you need to know.
Hand holding avocado on a tree

Where is the avocado growing zone? Here’s where avocados grow best

Here's your guide to knowing where avocado trees flourish and when you should grow them in your garden.
Dwarf Japanese maple tree

The complete guide for caring for your Japanese maple

Japanese maple trees are beautiful and easy to care for. To keep yours healthy and happy, here is everything you need to know about Japanese maple care trees.
Banana tree with ripe fruit

How and when do bananas reproduce? We have answers to all your questions

This is everything you need to know about banana reproduction, whether you want to grow your own or are just curious.
Purple and blue hydrangeas

Make sure your hydrangeas have the best blooms by pruning them properly

How to prune your hydrangeas this summer to ensure the best blooms
Dark pink bougainvillea flowers along a fence top

Bougainvillea is gorgeous – here’s how to care for it

Bougainvillea is a stunning tropical plant that comes in vines, shrubs, and trees. If you want to add this plant to your garden, here's what you need to know.
Closeup of a southern magnolia flower

6 popular magnolia tree and shrub species for your yard

Magnolia trees are stunning and popular plants. No matter what your climate or yard is like, one of these six magnolia trees is sure to be a great fit.
Hand in a brown and white glove holding a pile of Epsom salt next to an evergreen tree

What is diatomaceous earth – and why does your garden need it?

Diatomaceous earth is a useful garden tool, keeping many pests away from your plants. Want to get started using it for yourself? Here's what you need to know.
Seedling growing from soil

This is when you should start seeds indoors

Growing seeds is all about timing. Here’s when to start your plants indoors to ensure that they grow healthy and strong.
Avocados growing on a tree

Are avocados vegetables or fruits? We have your answers

Are avocados fruits or vegetables? Here's what we know
Person watering a plant using a white jug

How to make plant food that’s better than store-bought

Here's how to feed your plants well with our simple homemade plant food recipe.
5 different succulents planted in clay mugs

How much sunlight should your succulents have?

Do succulents need full sun, or can they thrive in the shade? Here's what you need to know
A metal bucket labeled compost, laying on its side against a blue background. Food scraps spill out of it.

Can you get rid of that terrible compost stench?

Most compost smells are avoidable and easily fixable, so no one needs to suffer through smelly soil. We list the causes and solutions.
Seedlings growing in brown pots

How to grow houseplants from seeds

Here's what you need to know about growing houseplants from seeds — we'll even suggest easy-going varieties to get you started.
White and pink silk roses with dark green leaves

How to clean silk flowers for beautiful arrangements

Silk flowers are beautiful but require special care — here's how to clean them gently and safely
A person composting greens

Can you compost meat? What you need to know

Is meat on the list of things you can compost? Read on to find out!
A fruit-bearing pomegranate tree

How to grow pomegranates from seeds

Learn how to propagate your own pomegranate tree from seeds that you can scoop up at home.
Person carrying old Christmas tree

Why mulching might be the best option for your old Christmas tree

That old Christmas tree doesn't need to go to the landfill. There are lots of new options, including turning the tree into eco-friendly mulch.
Roses in a white vase

How to make your roses last longer

How long should your roses last? Find out and learn how to keep them alive longer with these tips.
Orange and orange peels

Add these fruit peelings to your compost pile to enhance its nutrients

What to know about adding fruit peelings to your compost piles.