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best pool vacuum robot

The Best Pool Vacuum Robots of 2024

You pool is an investment that deserves premium maintenance. Transform your pool cleaning routine into an effortless task with a pool vacuum robot.
Assorted plants with trees In the backyard

6 fantastic backyard design apps to help you craft your own personal oasis

Spruce up Your Outdoor Space With the Best Pergolas

The best pergolas of 2024

Hardy Greenhouse Plants

6 common greenhouse plants even a beginner can’t kill

Grow lights in a greenhouse

Is it a good idea to use greenhouse grow lights? Here’s what to know

Exterior of greenhouse on concrete patio

Grow cold-hardy veggies in an unheated greenhouse this winter – here’s how

Blue metal furniture

How to identify vintage wrought iron furniture

Backyard Swimming Pool With Cover

Winter pool maintenance: Everything you need to know about keeping your pool tidy this season

Man working in a greenhouse

How to heat a greenhouse with compost in 3 simple steps

Child watering plants in polytunnel

The ideal greenhouse temperature and humidity settings for every season

A patio at night decorated and lit by string lights

How to protect outdoor lights from rain

Yellow glowing greenhouse at sunset

Do grow lights work? How to make sure you’re not wasting your money

Hanging outdoor string lights

Is it safe to cut string lights hanging over your deck?

Should you cut the lights hanging over your deck? Here's how to make the right — and safe — decision.
An outdoor built-in kitchen deck

How to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget and create the ideal cooking space

Outdoor kitchens are usually costly. However, there are small changes you can make to stay within your budget and still get the space you want.
Fire pit made of wall blocks with a lit fire

Add a fire pit to your garden to take advantage of cool spring nights

Building a fire pit in your garden is easier than you might think. Here's how to do it.
Greenhouse in backyard

A beginners guide on what to grow in your greenhouse for a thriving garden

Not sure where to start with your greenhouse garden? Here's everything you need to know about what to grow in a greenhouse.
Three people holding a small wooden crate full of lettuce

What you need to know about light deprivation (or ‘light dep’) greenhouses and how they work

Light deprivation, or "light dep" greenhouses are gaining favor with lots of horticulturists and hobby gardeners alike.
plants growing in greenhouse

How to protect your plants and keep them warm in the greenhouse for winter

Keep your greenhouse plants safe this winter with some easily sourced materials and a bit of elbow grease. Here's how to protect your plants from the cold.
Small rounded greenhouse

Small greenhouse tips: 5 ways to make the most of limited space

Limited space doesn't mean limited potential! Here's how to make the most your small greenhouse.
Cleaning winter grill

What to know about BBQ tool storage: How to store your outdoor grill this winter

Grills can be a big investment. Proper care and storage over the winter are important to ensure that they last long.
Colorful veggies on the grill

7 fall vegetables to grill this season for healthy and tasty cool-weather meals

You worked hard on your garden all summer. Time to enjoy the fruits (well, vegetables) of your labor on the grill!
Filtering leaves out of a pool

How to keep up with pool maintenance during the fall

Don't forget to take care of your pool during the fall. Here's what you need to do.
Seasonal outdoor pool

Pool skimmer installation: How to install a new skimmer to keep your pool clean and ready to use

If you have an above-ground pool, you'll want to make sure you have a skimmer. Here's how to install one.
White plastic fence around grass

Do you need a fence for your garden? What you need to know before deciding

Do you need to put up a fence around your garden? What are some factors to consider? We'll walk you through the pros and cons to get you started.
Organic green sugar snap peas

What you need to know about growing sugar snap peas in containers

Here's everything you need to know about growing sugar snap peas in containers, from using the right fertilizer to picking out a trellis.
food spread out on table outside

Check out these small outdoor kitchen ideas to turn your limited space into a chef’s paradise

Outdoor kitchens have become popular these days. Here are some outdoor kitchen ideas to help you enjoy the beautiful evening weather.
Outdoor home security light

The 5 best outdoor floodlights for your yard

Floodlights are a great addition to your yard for entertaining and security. These are our favorites.
outdoor sitting with lights

3 of the best solar garden lights for a bright and eco-friendly yard

The best solar garden lights to keep your yard bright and eco-friendly

A complete guide to cleaning your greenhouse for beginners

Follow this guide on how to clean your greenhouse to keep your plants healthy
baby tomato plants

When and how to transplant tomato plants for the best results

Keep your tomato plants healthy by following this guide on when and how to transplant them
women outside sitting

5 outdoor living trends that will totally improve your 2022

Start planning your outdoor projects now with these 2022 trends
container summer squash man cutting

What you need to know about successfully growing summer squash in containers

Summer squash is a savory and delicious treat. There's no reason you can't grow it in containers, helping you save space in your garden. Here's your full gide.
best outdoor gas grill woman grilling outside

Good, better, best: The perfect gas grill for your outdoor kitchen

A guide to the best gas grills to invest in for your outdoor kitchen
right size deck for you man building

Renovating your backyard? How to decide what size deck is right for you

What size deck should you build? There are many factors involved, but it's possible to get a pretty good idea before you start building or calling contractors.
Hanging outdoor lights

5 outdoor lighting tips we learned from experience so you didn’t have to

5 outdoor lighting tips to keep in mind for the next time you're designing your landscape