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The best garden shovels to take on all your tasks

There are a number of garden shovels to consider for various tasks. A round-point shovel is good for digging; a trowel shovel is ideal for precise tasks; a trenching shovel or drain shovel is great for digging narrow holes; and a square-point shovel or a scoop shovel is suitable for lifting and moving material. These leading garden shovels cover a lot of that ground, and more.

Shovels for gardening feature many types of handle and blade materials. There are round point, square point, trenching, drain, scoop, and scraper shovels, but a gardening shovel typically has a rounded blade and slightly pointed tip. That makes the shovel useful for digging, transplanting, lifting. and other garden tasks.

Edward Tools Bend-Proof Garden Trowel

Best Garden Shovel Overall

So, which is the best available garden shovel? This one by Edward is surely among the top choices. Considered one of the most heavy-duty garden hand trowels on the market, it is made of one-piece stainless-steel that’s bend proof, so the tool is ideal for working in rocky or heavy clay soils. The shovel’s oversized trowel head is designed to remove soil in greater volumes.

ESOW Garden Tool Set

Best Garden Shovel Set

If a solid garden shovel set is on your radar, tune into the ESOW Garden Tool Set. It comes with a hand trowel, transplant trowel, and cultivator hand rake that feature soft, rubberized, non-slip and ergonomic handles designed to reduce pressure on wrists and hands. The durable tools are made of heavy-duty cast aluminum that is resistant to rust and breakage.

ZUZUAN Garden Tool Set

Best Value Set

Want a garden shovel set that’s both effective and affordable? Then consider this economical set, which comes with a hand trowel, transplant trowel, and cultivator hand rake made of a polished, high-quality aluminum alloy. Their rubber handles are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, with contoured finger grips and palm rests that help reduce hand and wrist fatigue. The hand trowel has a smooth shovel tip and large head to displace more soil quickly.

Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel

Best Serrated Shovel

If a serrated garden shovel intrigues you, check out the Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel, which is designed to reduce stress on hands and wrists. The serrated digging shovel features a V-shaped cutting tip to more easily rip out roots and dirt, and a durable, powder-coated, carbon steel tip. The tool offers a wide foot placement to more effectively push the shovel into soil.

Be ready to take on digging, transplanting, weeding, decomposing, and other soil tasks by using a good garden shovel. When it comes to durability, functionality, reliability, and comfort, these shovels rank high.

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