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A rose bush full of red roses

How to prune rose bushes to keep them looking lush and beautiful

Roses make excellent additions to any garden. Here's how to prune your rose bushes to keep them looking lush and beautiful.
Blueberries on a bush

This is when blueberries are in season

A grove of olive trees

A guide to growing a thriving olive tree

Are dahlias perennials? It’s complicated

How to create your own pollinator garden – invite bees, butterflies, and more to your outdoor space

What you need to know about growing dieffenbachia (dumb cane plant)

Canna lilies add drama to any garden – here’s how to care for them

Focus on color: Yellow plants that will bring cheer to your garden

How to care for air plants: A complete guide

How to care for mandevilla, a perfect addition to your vertical garden

An orchid potted indoors

Are orchids poisonous to cats? We’ll tell you

A sage plant with purple flowers

Russian sage plant care: A complete guide

Border garden planted with drought-tolerant flowers

Drought-tolerant pollinator plants that will survive any climate

These drought-tolerant flowers will make sure you have blooms in your garden, no matter the weather.
Blue larkspur delphinium flowers

How to care for larkspur, a toxic (but beautiful) flower

Larkspur is a gorgeous but toxic flower, and it's a popular addition to many gardens. Here's how to grow and care for it yourself for beautiful flowers.
Fertilizer pellets

What exactly is vermiculite?

If you've noticed vermiculite listed as an ingredient in your potting soil mixes, you might wonder what it is. This guide will explain what you need to know.
Pink sedum flowers

Our 4 favorite sedum varieties for a drought-tolerant garden

Sedum is a beautiful and drought-tolerant plant that works well in most gardens. Plant one of these four sedum varieties in your next garden.
Monstera adansonii

Your guide to growing the Monstera adansonii, aka the Swiss cheese plant

Here's how to care for the monstera adansonii, aka the Swiss cheese plant.
A field of black-eyed Susans

These are the best low-maintenance perennial flowers for beginners

Gardening is a fantastic hobby, but it can be tricky to figure out where to start. If you're a beginner, these are the four best perennials to start with.
Blue phlox flowers

How to care for phlox, a star-shaped colorful flower

Phlox flowers are colorful and beneficial for your garden. These plants are popular with pollinators and gardeners alike. Here's how to grow your own.
A close-up of some black-eyed Susan blooms

A guide to growing black-eyed Susans, gorgeous wildflowers

Black-eyed Susans are stunning wildflowers that gardeners and wildlife love. They're easy to grow, so add black-eyed Susans to your garden with these tips.
Tomato plant preparing for harvest

9 tasty companion plants for tomatoes in your summer garden

Plant these tasty companions in your garden next to your tomatoes to get the healthiest harvest.
Maple tree with red leaves

4 amazing maple tree species to consider for your yard

Maple trees are known for their beautiful red foliage and delicious syrup. These four types of maple trees will make a great addition to your yard or garden.
A field of pink and white cosmos flowers

Cosmos flower care: How to grow this daisy-esque bloom

Cosmos flowers are beautiful, easy to grow, and beneficial. If you want to add cosmos flowers to your garden, this guide will show you how.
A small potted dracaena marginata

10 beautiful dracaena plants to add to your houseplant collection

If you're looking for a fuss-free houseplant, these 10 dracaena plants will make beautiful additions to any home.
Strawberries on the vine at varying levels of ripeness

The 4 best strawberry companion plants (and the 4 worst)

Strawberries are tasty and easy to grow, and growing them with the right plants makes growing them even easier. Here are the best strawberry companion plants.
Scarlet bee balm

Bee balm is a fantastic addition to a pollinator garden – what to know

Bee balm is a beautiful flower that is beloved by gardeners and pollinators alike. This guide will show you how to successfully grow it for yourself.
Blooming perennial flower garden along a walkway

If you want a garden that blooms year-round, plant these flowers

Plant these flowers for a garden with year-round blooms.
Potted peace lily by a window

What does indirect sunlight actually mean?

Many indoor plants require indirect sunlight, but what does this mean? Here's what you should know.
A row of clean spring onions

The spring onion plant is the perfect option for gardeners with too little space

If your garden is small, spring onions are a space-efficient option. Here's the care guide you need.
A coleus plant with orange and red leaves

Coleus plant care: How to grow it indoors and outdoors

Coleus plants are colorful and easy to grow, both indoors and out. If you want to add this lovely plant to your home or garden, this guide will show you how.
Prayer plant

Prayer plant care: Everything you need to know to grow a lush and healthy plant

Prayer plants can be notoriously tricky to maintain, but you can have a lush, healthy plant with these care tips.
Purple creeping thyme flowers

Creeping thyme is a colorful alternative ground cover to grass – what to know

Grass lawns may be popular, but they come with a host of problems. Why not try growing a creeping thyme lawn instead? This guide will show you how.
Green and white hosta plants

5 incredible hosta varieties to consider for a shade garden

Hostas are classic shade plants, perfect for practically any shady garden. If you aren't sure which hosta variety you should get, why not try one of these five?
Small pine tree

7 fantastic types of pine trees you can grow in your yard

Pine trees are beautiful and beneficial to have in your yard or garden. Here's our seven favorite types of pine to help you choose the best one for your yard.
Morning glory on trellis

How to plant morning glories for a stunning display in your garden

How to plant your own morning glories for bright, unique blooms in your garden