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The best greenhouse supplies to brighten your garden and home

In the doldrums of winter, the sight of a beautiful flower can lift your spirit. We’ve provided a selection of options to help you maintain your garden and brighten up your home.

Your plants need to be housed and managed properly. We’ve chosen products to help you store, organize, and protect your plants as your garden blossoms throughout the year. These items make growing your garden easy regardless of weather or season.

Farm Plastic Supply 4 Year Clear Greenhouse Film

Best Greenhouse Film

Keep your plants safe and healthy with this clear and durable greenhouse film. The film is made of six mil thick polyethylene. It's clear enough to let in necessary sunlight but sophisticated enough to protect your garden from harmful UV rays. This greenhouse film is built to last up to four years and endure in all weather.

Govee Thermometer Hygrometer

Best Greenhouse Thermometer

This digital thermometer gives you instant updates on your greenhouse conditions. It offers real-time temperature/humidity readings with maximum/minimum records. It also has three indicators, DRY/COMFORT/WET so that you can be sure of your plant's environment. With the Govee app, you can check on your greenhouse readings with a Bluetooth range of up to 260 feet. Whenever the temperature or humidity is off, the app will send you an alert notification to adjust the temperatures.

The thermometer has a clear LCD display. It includes a stand and a hanging hole for easy display. With the app, you can export up to 2 months of humidity and temperature data.

KINGLake Plastic Plants

Best for New Nurseries

These 4-inch nursery pots are ideal for preserving your plants. This set contains 100 pots that are 3.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The pots have eight small holes to keep soil healthy. You can also wash and reuse them easily.

HOMENOTE 60pcs Bamboo Plant Labels

Best Greenhouse Plant Labels

Systematize your garden with clear and easy to read labels. This set includes 60 pieces designed for easy writing and includes a permanent marking pen. The labels are made from 100% natural bamboo, so you won't have to worry about contributing to deforestation and environmental damage. You can use them to categorize your plants or write a message to give your plant as a gift.

Gardening should be a pleasurable, relaxing experience. These products support you in your journey to turn seeds into beautiful blooms and tasty herbs.