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The best lawn mower blades to have your mower working like new

When you don’t replace an old blade on your mower, you probably have to mow your lawn several times before you get the best end result. Replacing your lawn mower blade is the best solution for lengthening its life and avoiding more complications or having to replace a mower altogether. Time to get the ultimate efficiency from your mower with our top picks for replacement blades.

There are various types of lawn mower models that result in different grass cuts. To ensure that these blades will fit on your existing lawn mower, read the description of each blade’s compatibility carefully. High-lift, mulching, and recyclers are just some of the examples of different types of mowers on the market today. Don’t worry, we’ve listed the best blades in all three of these categories for you.

EGO Power + Lawn Mower High-Lift Blade

Best High-lift Blade

For the best high-lift blade with maximum bagging efficiency, try the EGO Power + Lawn Mower High-Lift Blade. This blade is designed for use with EGO Power + 21-Inch Lawnmowers. The sharp steel blade is designed for the best cutting performance, delivering the cleanest cut to your grass.

Maxpower Commercial Mulching Blade Set

Best Mulching Blades

The Maxpower Commercial Mulching Blade Set comes with two blades that measure 2 ½ " wide and 21 " long. For the best mulching blade set, this product is a solid bet. The blades feature a 5-point star center hole. It delivers a 42-inch cut. This product is also made in the USA.

Toro Recycler Mower Blade

Best Recycler Blade

The Toro Recycler Mower Blade is a tooth mulcher blade measuring in at 22-inches long. With a recycler mower, finely chopped grass clippings stay on the lawn. The benefit of this is the nutritional value your grass, because it will receive nutrients from the leftover organic matter. The blade is 2¼-inch wide and 0.15-inch thick.

MTD Replacement Mulching Blade

Best Value

For the best value replacement mulching blade, try this option from MTD. This blade is 21 inches in length with a star center. It’s designed for CUB CADET 300 and 900 series mowers, excluding the models with cast aluminum decks. Replace your lawnmower’s tired, worn-out mulching blade with this easy-to-install equipment.

With the precision of each of these blades on our list, neighbors will be envious of your outstanding lawn. Not to mention, you’ll be impressed with the improved performance of your lawn mower. Get the best and cleanest cut the first time around with these high-performing lawn mower blades.

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