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The best outdoor wall lanterns for your home’s exterior

Outdoor wall lights will help you find your way around the dark. They can also deter intruders by signaling that someone is home. Don’t be in the dark any longer; check out the lanterns on this list.

Choosing a mounted wall lantern comes down to functionality and design. You’ll want to decide if you want your lantern to have extra features like automation. To ensure that the lantern will complement your house, you may want to consider what types of finishes the lantern has as well. Read on to discover the best lanterns to help you light up the night.

Bowery Outdoor Wall Sconce

Best Overall

The Bowery Outdoor Wall Sconce is a timeless, classic outdoor light that will go with just about any design style. With a matte black finish and clear panes, it is recommended to use a Vintage Edison bulb to complete its sophisticated design. This versatile sconce is constructed of sturdy metal, making it completely weather resistant. All of the hardware required for mounting is included.

Designers Fountain 6.25" Wall Lantern

Best Looking

Want your house to stand out with the best-looking wall lanterns on the block? Try the Designers Fountain 6.25-inch Wall Lantern. The mounted wall lantern features an elegant six-panel clear design, which shows off the lightbulb inside, and is held together by gorgeous, cast aluminum, black finishes. This outdoor lantern is protected by a weatherproof seal, ensuring resistance against discoloration, corrosion, and discoloration.

Home Luminaire Spence Wall Lantern

Best with Gfci Outlets

This traditional-looking outdoor wall lantern comes with an unexpected bonus. The Home Luminaire Spence Wall Lantern has two built-in GFCI outlets for a convenient way to access power for outdoor power tools or other décor. The seeded glass and matte black finishes on this lantern give it a contemporary design, perfect for vamping up your home's curb appeal.

Cloudy Bay Outdoor Wall Lantern

Best Value

The Cloudy Bay Outdoor Wall Lantern is a great outdoor light fixture at an affordable price. Made with weatherproof, anti-corrosive materials, the oil-rubbed bronze finish and seeded glass panels contribute to the lantern's refined look. This lantern comes with a dusk-to-dawn photocell that automatically turns on in darkness and off in the light. An A19 filament light bulb is included.

Add a mounted lantern outside, and you’ll never have to blindly make your way to the front door again. You’ll be thankful for the added illumination on those nights when you feel like hanging out in the backyard after the sun sets. Light up your front porch, deck, and backyard with one of these mounted lanterns.

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