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The best solar fairy lights to add magic to your space

Solar fairy lights are an incredible way to illuminate and elevate the atmosphere of your outdoor space. Solar fairy lights are energy efficient and easy to install anywhere in your yard.

Decorate any space in your backyard or home with fairy lights. Line pathways, decorate trees, create a canopy of solar fairy lights outdoors. Up the romantic atmosphere of any outdoor space and create a picturesque scene with fairy lights. Check out our top picks for solar fairy lights!

Amir Solar Powered String Lights

Best Solar Light Overall

The Amir Solar-Powered String Lights are completely customizable. Build any shape you want with the flexible and durable copper wire LED string lights. These tiny, solar-powered fairy lights are great for decorating any outdoor space, as the copper wire easily blends into the background to showcase the lights.

These LED string lights are solar powered with the solar panel attached to a stake that can be put anywhere in the ground or potted. Both the string lights and solar panel are waterproof and environmentally friendly. A light mode switch can be set with a steady on or flashing option. Choose between the 100 LED or 200 LED lights and seven colors.

Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights

Best Multicolored

The Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights are multicolored and bring a fun, colorful atmosphere to your home’s outdoor area. Use these solar fairy lights outdoors for a bright and colorful ambiance. Create any shape you want with the thin and flexible copper wire and have a steady 360-degree viewing.

These solar string lights have eight impressive light modes ranging from waves, combination, fading, fireflies, chasing, twinkle, fading slowly, and steady-on. These lights are powered by the sun’s energy through a solar panel attached to a stake. These fairy lights are weatherproof and aren’t susceptible to short circuits. Charge these fairy lights for up to six hours in direct sun and enjoy six to eight hours of multicolor lights. These lights come in a 2-pack or 4-pack, and work both indoor and outdoor if the solar panel is exposed to sun.

Bolweo Solar-Powered String Lights

Best Value

The Bolweo Solar-Powered String Lights are a great value for any big spaces or projects. Choose between seven different colors and three lengths for the ultimate ambiance level. These flexible copper wire string lights are easy to install and can be shaped into and around anything.

These waterproof solar powered string lights, which come in a two-pack, also a have a built-in rechargeable NI-MH battery. The battery charges during the day and lights up automatically at night. Allow up to six to eight hours of charge and enjoy 10 to 14 hours of running time. The solar panel is attached to a stake, which can be installed in any soft ground. Eight light modes included are combination, fireflies, waves, fading, chasing/flashing, slow fade, twinkling, and steady-on.

Skyfire Solar-Powered Twinkle Fairy Lights

Best Cascading

The Skyfire Solar-Powered Twinkle Fairy Lights offer a gorgeous cascading sheet of 10 copper wire strands with200 LEDs. Drape these solar string fairy lights over any surface to create a warm ambiance. Advanced solar batteries ensure a longer working time, and the solar panel is attached to a stake, which can be placed anywhere in the ground. These solar string lights have an on-and-off switch and feature two light modes, steady on and flashing. Enjoy these beautiful cascading string lights on trees, vines, porches, windows, or any place receiving adequate sunlight for charging.

Decorate anything and everything with the use of solar fairy lights. Never worry about plugs or wiring if the solar panel is placed in adequate sunlight. Place your solar string fairy lights outdoors, decorate your home, or even create DIY projects with them. Create a DIY project or enhance the ambiance of your home with the use of solar fairy lights!

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Mignon Hemsley and Danuelle Doswell started this beautiful plant company in 2020 to help create a calmer space in homes through the addition of greenery. If you have no idea where to start, Grounded offers complimentary 15-minute consultations to get you going. It has a subscription option for the more adventurous plant parent, and if you have fur babies at home, look at their pet-safe options so you won't have to worry about a curious nose.
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There are also cold-hardy plants that can grow and even thrive in zone 2's cold weather. If you reside in climate zone 2, here’s what you need to know about what you can grow there and how to do it.

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