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The best beach blankets to keep moisture and sand out

A little sand and a little sun — what’s not to love about the beach? Even if you can’t get enough, you probably don’t want a bunch of sand all over your stuff. A good beach blanket can help prevent sand from building up, it will dry quickly after a dip in the ocean or lake and folds up to go with no hassle. Our top picks for best beach blankets ensure you have what you need to head to the beach with a little less worry.

The primary purpose of a good beach blanket is to stay put even with the ocean breeze. The best blankets for the beach also help keep sand away and dry out quickly on all-day trips. Our favorite beach blankets are super handy to have around and make heading to the beach just a little bit easier. Let’s find your perfect one for you.

Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket by Scuddles

Best Beach Blanket

This attractive, heavy-duty beach blanket features a fun nautical stripe in navy and white with a thick canvas fold-over to go from blanket to carry case in just a minute. It includes PEVA backing to help keep out moisture and prevent sand from working its way into the blanket fibers. The weight ensures it won't lift up with small ocean breezes. It's also easy to clean and measures 60 inches by 60 inches.

WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket

Best for Wet Weather

This enormous beach blanket is big enough for up to seven adults at 9 x 10 feet and is made from weather-friendly nylon material. It's easy to clean and resists even wet sand, shaking clean and rolling up easily. The fun blue color is perfect for the beach. It’s water-repellant and heat-resistant, keeping cool even on the hottest days. It features four pockets to tuck sandbags into so it stays in place, and also comes with a universal waterproof case for sensitive items like a phone.

Roebury Beach Blanket Sand-Proof Picnic Blanket

Best for Windy Days

A twist on the standard picnic blanket, this 55-inch by 70-inch blanket uses a classic pattern and water-resistant backing for comfort. It's padded and quilted, so you can use it even on grass and fold it up to become its own carry case. Phthalates- & BPA-free, there is no chemical smell from the waterproof layer. Plus, it's a good size for standard picnics and beach parties.

WETCAT Original Turkish Beach Towel

Best with 100% Cotton

This Turkish blanket-style beach towel features a beautiful luxurious-feeling cotton with a decorative fringe for a more traditional option. It comes in a variety of colors and is highly absorbent, designed to dry quickly and hold up to beach breezes. It won't hold sand, because of the tight weave, and you can toss it in the washing machine after your trip. It's pre-washed for softness and uses 100% OEKO-TEX-certified cotton.

A beach blanket is a must-have for outdoor days. You need one that won’t get wet with a little moisture or let in all the sand, so the options on our list provide something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a traditional blanket or a heavy-duty spread that can handle some wetness and moisture, these will never let you down on beach day.