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The best beach umbrellas with sand anchors to make sure you are covered

When a good gust of wind sweeps down the beach, you don’t want to go scrambling after your umbrella. A great choice to keep your umbrella in place is one with a sand anchor. They’re secure and won’t disappoint. Our top picks for the best umbrella with sand anchor help make your beach day just a bit less hectic.

A beach umbrella may seem secure in the sand, but one good wind and things go tumbling. A sand anchor provides security, even with coastal winds, and keeps your umbrella in place all day long. You’ll have a comfortable place to retreat when you’re tired of being in the sun. Let’s find the perfect — and perfectly secure — umbrella for your beach day.

MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella With Sand Anchor

Best for Sharing

This extra-broad umbrella is enough to cover two chairs and features an easy adjustment system to follow the sun. The canopy blocks out most UV rays and venting helps draw heat from under the canopy for more comfort. The anchor is simple to use and stays put until you're ready to go. Break down the canopy and store it in its included carry case.

Aclumsy 7-Foot Beach Umbrella

Best Beach Umbrella Overall

This canopy provides excellent shade for an all-day beach trip with a seven-foot height and enough coverage for an entire chair. The sand anchor provides secure installation with a simple twist, and a one-touch tilting mechanism helps you follow the sun all day. Steel ribs prevent the umbrella from turning inside out from strong winds and it folds up easily for storage.

Sport-Brella Vented Canopy

Best Umbrella Canopy

When you'd rather lounge on your beach towel than sit in a chair, the beach canopy is the way to go. It provides three sides of canopy, blocking the UV rays that can burn skin while allowing air to flow through vents. You can drive it into the sand or balance it on its side for lounging with full canopy. Pull down the flaps and it creates three walls for ultimate shade. It's big enough for two adults or several children in canopy mode.

EasyGo High Wind Beach Umbrella

Best for all weathers

It's bright, fun, and tough. The all-weather umbrella from EasyGo is designed to withstand even the windiest beach days with an eight-foot span and reinforced framing. The anchor drives into the sand to secure it in place, and the UV resistant fabric won't fade over time. It blocks out most UV rays and accommodates two adult beach chairs. Vents at the top allow heat to escape while a convenient carry bag makes transport easy.

Beach umbrellas with sand anchors are an easy, convenient way to keep your umbrella in place, no matter what the wind is like. Our top choices for heavy-duty sand anchor beach umbrellas make beach days a snap. Drive them into the ground and you’ve got all-day protection from the sun — no more chasing your umbrella down the beach on a windy day!