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The best cooking grates for outdoor and campfire cooking

Cooking grates make for an easier clean-up as well as preventing food from sticking to the sheet pan. Not to mention, it’ll leave your food with beautiful grill marks left behind after a nice, even cook.

A good grate won’t cave in, even with the heaviest steaks rested on top of it. This will allow the best circulation of heat and even cooking. Roast everything from burgers, hot dogs, and kebabs on these efficient cooking grates. Great for your at-home outdoor grill or indoor oven, these grates also serve their purpose on the road for use over a campfire. We’ve found the best grates for grill, oven, and fire-pit cooking.

Weber Cooking Grate

Best Grate Overall

Our pick for the best grate overall is the Weber Cooking Grate, which measures 13.5 " in diameter. This circular grate fits 14-inch grills. Alternately, you can set it over a campfire for outdoor grilling. The grate is also designed for use of briquettes to adjust height, resulting in a more indirect cook.

Ultra Cuisine 100% Stainless-Steel Wire Cooling Rack

Best Value

The strong wire grid of the Ultra Cuisine 100% Stainless-Steel Wire Cooling Rack is made from durable stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about rusting or flaking. These cooling racks fit snugly inside 13 " x 18 " half sheet pans. The crossbar design ensures stability and a level, even cook.

Checkered Chef Cooling Racks

Best for Baking

The Checkered Chef Cooling Racks are the best suited racks for baking, they’ll prevent cookies from falling through the cracks and make cleanup easier. These racks come in a set of two and can fit perfectly into a standard 9½ " x 13 " quarter sheet pan. These dishwasher-safe, stainless-steel cooling racks won’t twist or warp, ensuring long-lasting use. The ideal size for small kitchens, RVs, and compact ovens.

Stromberg Carlson Stake and Grille

Best with Stake

For added security and support, try a cooking grate with a stake. The Stromberg Carlson Stake and Grille is 15-inches wide and 22-inches long, with the stake measuring 36-inches long. Slide the grate up and down on the stake to adjust your food’s proximity to the heat below, then lock it in place to assure it stays secured. This stake and grill come with a nylon bag for storage.

With the use of cooking grates, you’ll notice a perfectly even cook on all of your grilled meats and baked desserts. Additionally, cleanup after each meal won’t be a pain. So, whether you’re cooking over a fire, your own outdoor grill, or conventional oven, ensure the perfect cook each time with one of these cooking grates.