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The best disk lights for your outdoor space

Solar lights are great additions to any outdoor space, but they can interfere with the sightlines during the day. If you hate the way your lights look during the day and want a nearly invisible solution, disk lights are the right choice. The ones on our list of best disk lights provide light while preserving the landscape of your outdoor space.

Disk lights aren’t that visible during the day because they sit flush with the earth. When the sun goes down, they light up, bringing visual interest and safety to your outdoor space. They’re easy to install, and many solar options come on automatically at dusk, providing hours of light through the night. Let’s find the perfect choices for your outdoor space.

Deckugaa Solar Disk Lights

Best Disk Lights Overall

This eight pack of solar disk lights offer bright LED illumination using nothing but the sun. They go right into the ground and automatically come on dusk, offering up to ten hours of light on a single charge. They're waterproof and windproof, allowing you to light up your pathways where you need.

Tysonir Solar Ground Lights

Best Value

This 12-pack of LED disk lights creates a nice warm glow that comes on automatically. Each lamp takes just seconds to install, and they're waterproof and wind-resistant. They soak up the sun during the day and offer up to eight hours of light in the evening.

Solar Ground Lights by niplnr

Easiest Installation

These solar LED disk lights offer a one-step installation design that provides light as the sun goes down. Solar batteries gather power and keep the lights running for up to eight hours on a full charge. The lights are waterproof and windproof, fading into the background when the sun comes back up. You get ten in the pack and high conversion batteries.

Aogist Solar Ground Lights

Best Waterproof Lights

These highly durable lights provide a simple way to illuminate your outdoor space while preserving the natural sightline. The simple design allows you to install quickly while highly efficient solar batteries ensure you get plenty of power. You'll get up to eight hours of power on a full charge, and the lights are incredibly waterproof.

Solar-powered disk lights provide a convenient way to light up your garden in a package that fades into the background as the sun comes back up. They’re useful for making sure everyone can see down the footpaths and for making sure your favorite plants and garden features remain visible. Our top choices are easy to install and provide the right glow for your space.

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