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The best outdoor flood light bulbs for security

Most outdoor flood light bulbs are designed to resist shock and withstand harsh environmental conditions. Halogen outdoor bulbs are the most conventional and affordable, but they typically last only a short time. LED outdoor flood light bulbs, which are growing in popularity, are more durable and illuminate much longer.

LED outdoor flood light bulbs or smart outdoor flood light bulbs provide broad-beamed, high-intensity light similar to the lighting systems used to illuminate outdoor playing fields. They are ideal for brightening up low-light or dark conditions in front yards, backyards, or other areas. If you need more light around your home, get some of these leading flood light bulbs.

Phillips Soft White Indoor Flood Light Bulb

Best Overall

If only the best available outdoor flood light bulb will do, Phillips won’t let you down. Sold in a pack of three, the 65-watt bulbs provide a soft, white light. The bulbs provide 620 lumens of brightness and are designed to last up to 2,000 hours, or 1.8 years based on three hours of usage per day.

Hykolity Flood Light Bulb

Best Dimmable

If a dimmable outdoor flood light bulb is called for, go for Hykolity. Sold in a pack of six, the LED flood light bulbs are designed with smooth dimming capacity. They can provide sunlight-like light quality with true color. Each of the high-quality bulbs offers a lifespan up to 25,000 hours, which exceeds the lifetime of halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent bulbs.

AmeriLuck Outdoor LED Flood Light Bulb

Best Non – Dimmable

If a good, non-dimmable outdoor flood light bulb is on your shopping list, grab the AmeriLuck bulb. Sold in a pack of four, the bulbs provide 900-plus lumens of light, which is equivalent to a 90-watt halogen bulb but with 85.6 percent less energy usage. The bulbs are non-dimmable but are compatible with most dimmers on the market.

Sunco Lighting LED Bulb

Best Flicker Free

To gain the advantages of a good flicker-free outdoor flood light bulb, get the Sunco Lighting LED Bulb. The six-pack of waterproof bulbs feature the latest in LED flicker-free technology for maximum eye comfort. Their durable, dust-tight construction provides reliable outdoor security light in any weather. The bulbs are designed to last up to 25,000 hours each.

Ease your security concerns at night or enjoy your backyard pool or patio when it’s dark by employing good outdoor flood light bulbs. These high-performing bulbs last a long time and are extremely reliable.