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The best outdoor patio lanterns for creating outdoor ambiance

You have your patio furniture and table. It’s time to spend some time outdoors, but you aren’t sure what’s missing. Small details provide a simple finish for your outdoor space so you have the finished design look you’ll want to use again and again. With our top choices for outdoor patio lights, your patio will receivethe finished look you crave. Here’s our best-of list.

Patio lights offer a gentle glow or full light depending on your needs. These lights on our list provide a variety of design styles to ensure your lighting matches your decor perfectly. Let’s find your next patio light, so you can enjoy your space and wow your guests. Browse these top-rated patio lanterns available online.

TomCare Flickering Flame Solar Lantern

Best Overall

If you love outdoor hanging lanterns for your patio, you'll love these. They feature a completely enclosed glass and metal lantern with a realistic flickering light similar to placing lit candles all around. They're solar and come on automatically at dusk, providing a warm white light perfect for evening gatherings.

Gigalumi Hanging Solar Mason Jar

Best Value

With a rustic mason jar design, this six-pack offers plenty of light coverage for your patio. These lanterns feature solar-powered micro-string lights and come on automatically at dusk. You can hang them up or sit them on a flat surface for use, and the wide solar panel helps gather power, even on cloudy days. They provide up to eight hours of light overnight.

Esgarden Hanging Solar Lanterns

Best Solar

This 12-inch solar lantern not only provides light, but it has a fun visual effect as the light feeds through the metal pattern. It's suitable to hang or stand, depending on your needs, and comes on automatically at dusk for convenience. Waterproof and corrosion-resistant, it also provides a warm white light for up eight hours on a full charge.

Bright Zea Vintage Candle Lantern

Best Battery-powered

These outdoor candle lanterns for your patio provide a traditional look with flickering candle effects and convenient timer features. The lanterns use batteries and feature steady-on and timer modes. The housing is rust-resistant, and you can hang them up or stand them on a table. Turn this model to timer mode and it will glow for six hours and turn off automatically/turn back on at the same time every day.

Patio lights provide a magical atmosphere and allow you to use your outdoor space even as the sun goes down. The hanging outdoor lanterns for the patio will enable you to maximize your design, and our list’s options are a wonderful place to start. Maintain a stylish patio by finishing off your decor with flair and the perfect lighting.