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The best outdoor rope lights for a warm intimate atmosphere

Rope lights create a warm, intimate space to your surroundings whether placed indoors or outdoors. In addition to the charm of having these lights inside your home, they will brighten up the exterior of your house whether you place them on your front porch, garden, or wrapped around trees along the sidewalk. Check out these outdoor rope lights we’ve chosen to gain more ideas about usage.

Outdoor lights also augment decorations, particularly at festive holidays. A nice option is also solar outdoor lights that use stored power from the sun to illuminate at night. Of the many styles and options available, we’ve complied this assortment of options to help narrow down which is best for you.

Areful Flexible Flat RGB LED Light Strip

Best Flat Rope Light

If you’re interested in a good flat rope light, the Areful Flexible Flat RGB LED Light Strip could be a good option. The 16.4-foot flexible strip light is waterproof and offers a remote control to change colors among eight options and choose from six lighting modes. The lights feature thick PVC casing to resist harsh outdoor conditions and can be bent to any desired angle.

Sumie Waterproof Flexible Strip Lights

Best Cuttable Rope Light

Outdoor rope lights that can be cut are highly convenient, such as the Sumie Waterproof Flexible Strip Lights. Lengths on the 50-foot strip lights can be trimmed without damaging the remaining LEDs, so the lights can be extended or shortened. These waterproof lights can last more than 50,000 hours and feature a power adaptor that’s well protected for outdoor use.

Homestarry 80 ft / 240 LEDs Multi Color Plug Rope Lights

Best Multicolor

If you are looking for multicolor rope lights for outdoors, try the Homestarry LED Multi Color Plug Rope Lights. The 80-foot waterproof lights can illuminate in 16 different colors and four lighting modes using a remote or wire switch and can twinkle if desired. It’s made of silver wire coated in extra-thin and flexible film that helps avoid tangling or breaking easily.

LE LED Rope Light

Best Value Rope Light

If you seek value is what you are seeking, the LE LED Rope Light is a good choice. The affordable 33-foot outdoor and indoor rope lights offer seven blinking modes and one stay-on mode. Long-pressing a button on the white waterproof lights’ transformer places them in automatic cycle mode to stay on for six hours and off for 18 hours.

Brighten up your patio, deck, balcony or other outdoor space with attractive rope lights. These top-of-the-line models offer lots of colors, lighting modes, flexibility and cutability.

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