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The best patio umbrella lights for magical evenings

When you need just a little bit of extra light, a patio umbrella with built-in solar lights is just the ticket. They’re easy to use and with solar options, a snap to power on. Many come on automatically and offer just enough light for a magical evening. The transition between the afternoon and those evening hours is easier with one of the top choices from our best patio lights list.

Patio umbrella lights are a great way to get just a bit more light into your outdoor space, but what about arrangement and power? A patio umbrella with solar lights requires no external power other than the sun, while LED lights for patio umbrellas are an economical use of electricity. Our choices help put the light you need into your garden or patio with no fuss.

Oyoco Patio Umbrella Light

Best Light Overall

If you already have a patio umbrella, this set of LED lights for a patio umbrella will give light to your existing setup. It's easy to install and slides up the poll to provide a quick shot of light during evening hours. It features 28 LED lights with 200 lumens and is powered by four AA batteries for convenience. It offers bright, dim, and super bright modes, and you can hang it anywhere you have a spot.

HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light

Best Color Changing Light

This simple-to-install light offers you a wide variety of color choices plus simple light for a fun addition to your patio umbrella. You can choose from four brightness modes and control lights with the convenient remote. The appliance slides onto your umbrella pole, and you can get up to 50 hours of battery life on a single set of six AA batteries.

INKEER Patio Umbrella Light Warm White

Best Dimmable Patio Light

These simple lights are great additions to your patio umbrella and feature a steller dimmable option that helps set the mood in the evenings. They don't need tools and fit standard poles between 0.71-inch to 1.81-inch in diameter. LED lights help save energy, and they run with batteries or plug into a USB power option.

Patio Umbrella Lights 8 Lighting Mode 104 LED String Lights

Best String Lights

These remote-controlled string lights are easy to install and provide a magical glow underneath your patio umbrella. They use warm white LED lights, and each strand is just over four feet in length. They're waterproof and have a long life, using three AA batteries. They have eight different light modes, and it offers a timer setting for convenience.

Make it much easier to go from those fun afternoon hours in your garden to the evening with lights that come on right under your patio umbrella. The choices on our list will protect you from sun and rain while lighting up your evening hours with just the right glow. Upgrade your outdoor space quickly and with style.