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The best patio umbrellas with solar lights for your outdoor space

When you need a little extra light for your outdoor space, solar LED lights right underneath your umbrella are convenient and stylish. They’ll come on when you need them, and you won’t have to move your decor around to find an outdoor plug. Get rid of that unsightly extension cord and go solar with our top choices for best solar patio umbrella lights.

With solar lights, you don’t have to worry about electricity or finding a plug. Instead, the lights soak up the sun during the day and come on automatically at night, creating a hassle-free way to add extra lighting to your nighttime garden activity. Let’s find the right umbrella and lights for your space.

Best Choice Products Solar LED Patio Umbrella

Best Overall

This 10-foot patio umbrella with solar lights is a traditional style umbrella with a convenient addition. The solar lights require no electricity, allowing you to position your umbrella without looking for an outlet. They come on automatically at dusk, and during the day, the water, UV, and fade-resistant material protects against and holds up to weather. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your outdoor decor.

ABCCanopy 11-FT Patio Umbrella

Best Large Umbrella

This 11-foot umbrella provides you with plenty of shade during the day while solar LED lights help illuminate your garden at night. They're easy to install and come on automatically, no outlet needed. Plus, the adjustable umbrella is durable and designed to withstand environmental elements like sun and rain. Choose your perfect color to match your decor and spend more of your time outside.

Sunnyglade 9' Solar with Tilt Adjustment

Best Tilting

This nine-foot umbrella is a slightly smaller option but features easy to use tilting with the touch of a button, and the solar lights have an on-off control within easy reach. The polyester canopy is fade-resistant and waterproof while also blocking the majority of harmful UV rays. Lights offer up to six hours of illumination on a full charge, and durable yet lightweight aluminum helps preserve the framing.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Patio Umbrella

Best Offset

This offset umbrella offers maximum coverage for your outdoor space. The addition of LED lights makes it a fun addition to your garden, and simple crank controls help you get the positioning just right. Large vents help improve airflow, and the 10-foot span is enough to protect from UV rays. The lights have a good lifespan, and this umbrella is suitable for tables or arrangements without built-in umbrella holes.

Your patio umbrella can help light up your garden time with easy, no-hassle lights and no dangerous extension cords. With one of the solar options from our list, you’ll be able to use your garden space and never worry that your lights will cause a trip hazard or rearrange to find an outlet. It’s time to simplify.