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The best propane griddles for your outdoor grill

There are many different styles, features, materials, and price points to consider when buying a propane griddle. First, decide what is most important to you: durability, ease of use, cooking accuracy, or griddling speed. That will help narrow down the options. For more help in that department, check out these well-made and high-performing propane griddles.

A propane griddle typically has a smooth and flat surface to cook sausages, pancakes, home fries, quesadillas, eggs, and other foods. Some also have a ribbed surface to cook hamburgers, steaks, and other meats. The griddles can be set at high temperatures to cook various foods quickly and evenly. Read about these top propane griddles and the benefits they provide.

Sizzle-Q 100% Stainless Steel Universal Griddle

Best Griddle Overall

If only one of the top griddles will do, go for the Sizzle-Q Stainless Steel Universal Griddle. It offers a patented ventilated feature for even airflow, underside cross-bracing for higher strength and rigidity, and 14-gauge stainless steel construction for better durability. Measuring 18 by 13 by 3-inches, the griddle is rated up to 600 degrees F and sports an easy-to-clean grill top.

Royal Gourmet Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle

Best Propane Griddle

Are you seeking one of the best available propane griddles? End that search with the Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill Griddle. The black griddle offers three separately controlled burners with 9,000 BTUs and a durable stainless-steel control panel with a piezo ignition system. Its 325.9-square-inch porcelain enamel griddle top can be cleaned easily with a paper towel and warm soapy water.

Presto Electric Griddle

Best Electric Griddle

Another good way to go griddle-wise is with a top electric option, such as the Presto Electric Griddle. The black 22-inch griddle offers a premium non-stick surface and heat control designed to automatically maintain the desired cooking temperature. Its heavy cast aluminum base is engineered to be virtually warp proof. A slide-out drip tray can be removed and cleaned easily.

Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

Best Griddle Stove

A propane griddle stove is yet another effective griddling option. The Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove ranks as very good because it offers two cast aluminum burners, 60,000 total BTUs, a 32-inch cooking height, and detachable legs. The black stove also features a three-sided windscreen, appliance-style temperature controls, and 448 square inches of cooking area.

Cook all the foods you crave no matter where you are by using a handy propane griddle. These highly portable, dependable, and lightweight griddles can be used just about anywhere in the great outdoors.