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The best round beach towels for more lounging space

You need a few beach towels for your trip and you’ve got plenty of rectangle-shaped options. Now, consider a round beach towel. It’s cute. It’s convenient. It also makes a great place to sit or for kids to play. Our top picks for best round beach towels are attractive and functional, blending all the best things about beach towels for a unique addition to your bag.

A round beach towel may not be your first thought for beach day but think about it: Round towels give you space to place your things or add in some extra seats. These options on our list are great for taking a trip to the beach. They’re cute yet durable. Let’s find the perfect one for you.

TwoYek Microfiber Round Beach Towel Blanket

Best Microfiber

This 100% microfiber towel by TwoYek is a round beauty. It features a lemon slice design and provides excellent absorbency. Roll it up to toss it into your bag, and with 62 inches in diameter, you'll have enough space for a few of adults or children to hang out on. If it gets wet, just hang it up for a few minutes in the sun and it'll be ready to use again.

Laguna Beach Textile Co. Luxury Thick Round Cabana Beach Towel

Best Beach Blanket Overall

The cabana beach towel by Laguna Beach Textile Co. provides you with another extra-large yet lightweight accessory designed for quick drying and easy storage. It has a fun striped pattern with coastal styling. It's an excellent round beach towel with fringe. Toss it in the wash when you're done and carry it with you as a lightweight towel with plenty of room to get cozy in after a dip — a five-foot diameter, to be exact.

Folkulture Round Mandala Tapestry Beach Blankets

Best Matching Pair

Folkulture Round Mandala Tapestry Beach Blankets, which come in a pair of one blue and one pink towel, provide a fun, hippie-style beach accessories. They're both big enough for multiple adults to lounge, measuring 72 inches in diameter, and lightweight enough to stuff into a bag. The material dries quickly and keeps sand out of your things. Each is made of 100% cotton.

Raajsee Blue Orange Mandala Round Beach Tapestry

Best Value

This adorable mandala-style beach towel by Raajsee features a fun elephant pattern. It's 100% cotton and dries quickly, keeping sand and moisture from ruining your whole day at the beach. The towel is suitable for several adults to lounge on, measuring 70 inches in diameter. You can put it into the washing machine at the end of your beach day and dry on low for next time.

A large round beach towel is just what you need to make sure everyone has a place to lounge without getting sand or water all over their stuff. These options on our list will have you settled without the bulk. These towels are attractive and bright, large enough for multiple adults, and fast drying. Add these to your beach bag and get ready for fun in the sun.

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