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The best sand proof beach blankets for convenient comfy lounging

You can’t avoid all the sand at the beach but when it works through your blanket and ends up all over everything, it’s frustrating. Instead, a beach blanket that handles sand is the right choice. Our top picks for best sand-proof beach blankets help keep things comfortable and sand-free all day long — no extra steps required.

You love a sandy beach, of course, but not when you find sand has infiltrated your shoes, bag, food, or devices. Keep sand where it belongs with one of our favorite sand-proof beach blankets. The material won’t catch and hold sand, releasing it quickly when shaken and never allowing sand through the fibers. They’re more than convenient, they’re a necessity for your beach day. Let’s take a look at the best picks.

WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket

Best Overall Sandproof Blanket

Nylon is an excellent sand repeller and the WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket is made from 100% of this stretchy, durable material. It features an extra-large dimension — 9 feet x 10 feet — designed to accommodate multiple adults or families. It's easy to wash and won't fade with UV exposure. Roll it up when you're finished with it and go. Plus, four incorporated pockets hold small sandbags to prevent beach winds from blowing your blanket away.

AISPARKY Beach Blanket

Best for Sharing

For sharing, this 81 x 78-inch beach blanket by AISPARKY is perfect for groups. It uses a 100% nylon and ABS plastic sand anchors to stay put and resist winds, while the bright colors won't fade with sun exposure. It folds up to transport, and you can toss it in the washing machine when you're finished. Wipe it off at the beach and trust it won't bring sand back to your home.

ISOPHO Beach Blanket

Best Value

This sand-proof blanket provides space for around three adults and repels sand efficiently. It dries quickly and wipes clean for transport, folding up to toss in your bag. It's 78 inches by 83 inches with bright UV-resistant colors and offers a comfortable place to lay your things or to lounge all afternoon. It uses waterproof stitching and comes with sand anchors for security.

POPCHOSE Sandfree Beach Blanket

Most Portable

Another large mat option for your beach days, this one has room for several adults and uses five integrated anchors to stay put. A zippered pocket holds all the essentials while the design allows you to fold it up easily for transport. When you're home, put it in the washing machine to clean it and be ready for next time. It uses ripstop sand-resistant material for convenience and durability.

When it feels like there’s too much sand to handle, a sand-proof blanket is all you need. These options on our list have tight weaves that prevent sand from coming through no matter how much you adjust, and they shake off easily to go back into your bag. Keep sand at the beach and your beach bag, car, and home sand-free.