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The best solar spotlights to illuminate your outdoor space at night

Hours of illumination are needed for keeping your outdoor space lit at night. Sometimes, that comes with the hassle of maintaining your lights with batteries or electrical outlets. But solar spotlights are there to eliminate these hassles. They are low maintenance, and lessen your carbon footprint and electric bill.

Not wanting to spend money on outdoor light is great if you have a solar spotlight that can illuminate your porch without using electricity or other fuel sources. Solar spotlights only need sunlight to charge, giving you hours of proper illumination after dusk.

LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

Best Spotlights Overall

These lights work for a longer time because of the superior charging capacity. The lights and solar panels are adjustable up to 120- and 90-degree angles, and can detect the surrounding light intensity to turn on automatically. They are water-resistant, qualified, and offer a two-in-one feature.

InnoGear Solar Lights

Best Versatility

These lights can be rotated 90 degrees to accommodate positioning. The solar panel is made to keep dirt from forming and can be moved 180 degrees. It has two working modes with a high charging capacity. It can be installed in effortlessly on both walls and in the ground. It’s extremely weather-resistant, too.

Claoner 32 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

Best Value

These spotlights can be shifted to a 150-degree angle and have a bigger solar channel than many spotlights with three different working moods. They convert 20% of solar power into energy andcan be installed both on walls and in the ground.

Solar Motion Sensor Lights by SEZAC

Best for Security

These motion sensor lights pick up movement up to 10-16 feet range. High water resistance makes it perfect for any weather. It operates solely on a lithium battery rechargeable with sunlight, and the lights cover a wide range of areas.

These well-chosen solar spotlights will make sure you are saving your efforts, money, and the environment, while also illuminating your outdoors for as long as you need. Less maintenance is an added bonus. These solar spotlights, with proper care, can provide you with light for years to come.