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The best waterproof outdoor furniture covers for top protection

Your patio furniture should last a long time in the wind, rain, or snow, but your furtniture could last even longer if you take simple protective measures when it isn’t in use. These large waterproof outdoor furniture covers can keep away mold-causing moisture and reduces UV exposure, which can cause fading or cracking furniture over time. Extend the life of your furniture with one of our favorites and ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space for as long as possible.

Although outdoor furniture is designed to last through weather and environmental changes, it won’t last as long without some maintenance. Covering your furniture when not in use helps extend its life and reduce the cleaning you need to do to get ready for outdoor weather. These waterproof outdoor patio covers provide just the protection you need to maximize the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. Here’s a few of our favorite choices for waterproof outdoor furniture covers.

ULTCOVER Waterproof Patio Lounge Chair Covers

Best for Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are frustrating to cover because of their unique shape, but this cover is made especially for outdoor lounge chairs. It features 600 denier polyester canvas for ultra-tough protection against UV rays and moisture, and fits chairs up to 84 inches long by 32 inches wide. It folds down over the seat and legs almost completely, depending on your chair size, and tightens to prevent falling or blowing off, while air vents reduce lofting. Seams are waterproof and double=stitched.

Vailge Patio Chair Covers

Best for Big Chairs

This deep chair cover is perfect for oversized outdoor chairs and helps keep out moisture, snow, and sun, even with large chairs. UV-stabilized oxford fabric prevents sun damage, while the waterproof weaving locks out moisture. It offers large padded handles for removal, and the vented sizes prevent lofting even in high winds. The package contains four covers, each one measuring 35" x 38" x 31".

King Do Way Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Best Waterproof Design

Trust us:This product will cover your outdoor couch with no problem. It measures 124" x 70.87" x 29.13" and provides a waterproof and UV-resistant layer, thanks to an upgraded high-denier oxford fabric. The design is simple to install and it ties down to secure. Air vents reduce interior moisture and help prevent lofting in windy conditions. The material is ultra-tough.

AmazonBasics Outdoor Stackable-Chair Patio Furniture Cover

Best for Stacked Chairs

This cover is designed for stackable chairs and provides a lengthy coverage area, so you don't have to cover each one individually. It's easy to use and provides venting on the sides to alleviate moisture and lofting. Heavy-woven polyester is UV-resistant, while the lining provides extra-waterproofing. They're easy to clean and easy to remove or tie down for long-term protection. The seams are also reinforced and won't leak.

Your outdoor furniture needs protection to increase its life. The covers on our list better ensure your furniture is safe from sun, wind, and rain, along with winter conditions that can quickly ruin furniture. When it’s time to use your patio again, your furniture will be ready for use and looking great.