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The best bug zappers to control flying insects

When flying bugs threaten your space, and you can’t seem to get them under control, a bug zapper can make all the difference. They’re easy to use and don’t require any extra knowledge or training. Our top choices for the best bug zappers ensure you can take control of your space away from flying bugs — simple and easy.

A good bug zapper attracts bugs gravitating towards you and handles them for good. It’s simple to use and stays out of the way until you need it. Even if bugs get inside your home, a compact zapper can make quick work of them, so you don’t have to worry. Our favorites will allow you to take control of your living space, no matter where it is and get back to your life bug-free.


Best Zapper Overall

This zapper's innovative design helps attract all manner of flying insects using a quiet UV light, whichkills instantly upon contact. The lantern design hangs from a ring or uses a wide base to sit upon a flat surface near you if the insects are particularly bad. The tray cleans easily, and the soft glow of the zapper is pleasing and quiet for outdoor use.

GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb

Best Zapper Bulb

The bulb design features an intense light that draws and attracts mosquitos and flies, resulting in aa high-voltage shock that kills once the insects land. Three modes — light, zapper, and combined — allow you to use this device in multiple settings, while the unobtrusive design is easy to install and clean. It's chemical-free and dead bugs simply slip off the device.

Impacthor Electric Indoor Bug Zapper

Best Indoor Option

Getting rid of bugs indoors and in office settings can be difficult, but this option simplifies that task. It uses a UV light to attract flying insects and kills upon contact. The bug tray keeps them off the floor, and you can just plug it in and go. Hang it up in an out-of-the-way space, and it will handle your indoor infestations. With easy-to-clean trays and simple operation, this is a win for indoor spaces.

TBI Pro Bug Zapper

Best Value

For smaller spaces, this choice provides a simple yet highly effective way to manage flying bugs with little effort. It uses a modern design with a gentle UV light to draw in bugs quietly, killing them on contact. A bug tray keeps your zapper cleaner, while the plastic housing prevents any accidental contact from you or your family. Remove the tray and dump bugs once a week for maintenance.

A bug zapper is a chemical-free way to manage flying insects plaguing your indoor and outdoor spaces. These options are reliable with an effective UV light to ensure no bugs disrupt your relaxation. Indoor bug zappers could be the difference between a lifetime of mosquitos and an enjoyable space once again, so find the perfect optionyou’re your needs and take care of business.