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The best compostable bowls for eco-friendly convenience

We’ve all heard horror stories about how long it takes plastic to break down in the landfill, but there has to be another way to eat outdoors without the hassle of dishes. Compostable bowls could fill that gap. They break down with no toxic chemicals and keep eating outdoors comfortable. Our list of best choices for compostable paper bowls are more compliant with environmental initiatives and provide convenience.

Compostable bowls save you a lot of environmental heartache. They break down quicker than plastic counterparts and don’t release toxic chemicals into the environment as they deteriorate. While it’s best to use reusable dishes, compostable options are the next best thing when you need convenience. Let’s find the right package option for your next event or your picnic in the great outdoors.

Stack Man Heavy-Duty Natural Disposable Bowls

Best Value in Small Batch

These 12-ounce paper bowls provide plenty of space for soups and stews and a durable design that won't fall apart in the middle of use. You get 125 compostable bowls in the pack, making it great for small parties, and the sugarcane fiber construction is sustainable and biodegradable. It can be commercially composted and works with both hot and cold foods and liquids.

Earth's Natural Eco-Friendly Compostable Plant Fiber 11.5 oz. Bowls

Best Bowls Overall

Earth's Natural Eco-Friendly Compostable Plant Fiber 11.5 oz. Bowls use a smooth sugarcane fiber for a refined finish that's microwavable and biodegradable. You can freeze them or use them for soups; they'll stand up either way. With 50 in the pack, you'll have plenty for your next adventure out and the size makes it simple to serve multiple types of food. The material is also gluten-free, so no worries about triggering allergies.

Avant Grub Biodegradable 8 Oz. Bowls

Best Bulk Value

These restaurant-grade compostable bowls by Avant Grub use a renewable, tree-free plant fiber to create a strong bowl. They hold hot or cold foods and liquids and are microwave safe. Simply toss them in your compost or send them to the commercial compost center for an eco-friendly alternative to disposables. They use a simple wheat straw for a tough finish. There are 100 bowls in each pack.

Naturally Chic Compostable Biodegradable Dinnerware Set

Best Design

For kitchenware a little less disposable looking, these molded palm-leaf bowls have a modern look that doesn't scream disposable. They're rustic, microwave-safe, and suitable for both hot and cold foods and liquids. They're great for all-day events because they don't get soggy or bend, but they compost quickly and efficiently. You get 25 in the pack.

A compostable bowl doesn’t have nearly the impact on the environment as traditional disposable dishes. These options are easy to use, hold up with food, and break down easily in your composting area or the garbage. They’re designed to lighten the environmental load one bowl at a time.