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The best compostable straws for an eco-friendly disposable option

When you need a disposable straw, but you don’t want to worry as much about the environmental impact, the simple solution is to go compostable. The compostable drinking straws on our list are your best choices for ensuring you’re able to have a disposable solution that doesn’t have a long-lasting impact.

Compostable straws are tough enough to use for drinking even smoothies, but they’ll break down in a matter of weeks or months, even in a landfill. They’re better for the environment overall and will help you tread lightly even when you need a disposable option. Let’s take a look.

Plasticless Plant-Based Compostable Straws

Best Compostable Straws

This 200 pack of straws ensures that you have plenty of drinking mechanisms without too much impact on the environment. They use no plastic, instead of making use of natural plant materials designed to break down quickly. They won't disintegrate while you're drinking, and they make a great alternative to plastic straws.

Naturalik Biodegradable Paper Straws

Best Value Straws

These value straws use a durable type of paper to ensure that the straws break down in the landfill, but they won't get soggy while you're drinking. They're straight straws with sturdy sides, ensuring that they can handle drinks of any temperature. The paper comes from sustainable sources, and they're 100% biodegradable in a variety of environments. You get 300 pieces in a single pack.

StrawPanda Biodegradable Plant-Based Drinking Straws

Best Straw Design

These straws look more like plastic, but they use a plant-based material designed to break down in landfills or compost. The material is safe to use and won't leave a weird taste in your drinks. The straws are a standard size and bend for convenience. You get 250 straws in the package, and they're FDA approved. They use no BPA.

Stephanie Imports Biodegradable 4-Ply Paper Drinking Straws

Best Fun Straws

These fun straws use gold foil dots for a punch of color. They're non-toxic, BPA-free paper, and they provide durable drinking capability that won't get soggy. They're suitable for composting or biodegradable disposal. You get 150 straws in a package, and each one can stand up to both hot and cold drinks.

Disposable straws may not be ideal, but compostable drinking straws are kinder and gentler on the environment when you need something that’s one-time use. These smooth compostable straws and regular straws options on our list are useful, durable, and, most importantly, less stress on the environment.