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The best countertop compost containers for your kitchen

When you need to handle your compost more conveniently, you need a temporary storage system — something to keep flies at bay and prevent odors from messing up your kitchen. Our list of best kitchen counter compost containers makes saving scraps easier and hassle-free. Get your kitchen on the environmental train with these options.

Compost is so important and great for your plants and garden. However, making a bunch of trips every day to your composter isn’t so great. These compost containers for kitchen countertops provide a place to store scraps without worrying about flies or odors. Let’s find your perfect one and get you composting more easily.

Utopia Kitchen Stainless-Steel Compost Bin

Best Value

The stainless-steel construction of this compost container by Utopia Kitchen is a luxe addition to any kitchen, while providing the function you need from your compost container. It looks great and uses corrosion-resistant steel with vents for circulation and convenient charcoal filters in the lid. The container holds around 1.3 gallons and is easy to wash with just soap and water. Replacement filters are available as well.

Granrosi Stylish Farmhouse Kitchen Compost Bin

Best Overall

This compost container uses a fun farmhouse style design to bring some whimsy to any kitchen. The white, coated-metal container is easy to rinse out and features the word "compost" on the front. A tight-fitting vented lid with a charcoal filter provides air circulation while preventing odors, and the pail holds just over a gallon of scraps.

Chef'n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

Best Odor Elimination

This modern take on a compost collector by Chef’n EcoCrock provides a simple solution for your scraps. It uses a ceramic outer container with a fun sprout lid. A charcoal filter in the lid prevents odors and a tight fit with ventilation allows airflow. When you're ready to dump it, pick out the inner container, and go. The container is easy to hand wash and looks great — yet discreet — on your countertop.

NEW OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin

Best Portable Design

This minimal style container by NEW OXO is easy to clean and carry, using a lightweight material with convenient bags to prevent mold and stains. This products works more like a mini-garbage can for help with apartment composting or those of you who send your compost off. The wide grip handle is convenient, and it holds nearly two gallons of material.

Don’t let potential odors and flies scare you. Composting is so rewarding and such a beneficial thing to do with food waste. Once you’ve chosen your kitchen composter container, you’ll be able to save trips to the composter but keep your scraps safely inside — no gross smells and no hassle. It’s time to start your composting journey with all the right tools.