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The best glue traps to control pests

Glue traps typically are a flat piece of cardboard covered in a sticky glue that can be placed flush against floors and walls where rodents or other pests are evident. The traps have a low profile so pests won’t be suspicious or cautious when approaching one. Take a gander at the benefits these top glue traps can provide.

Glue traps for mice, snakes and roaches have sticky surfaces that immediately catch the pests. They remain stuck on the trap until either it’s disposed of or the pest dies of starvation, dehydration or suffocation. The traps generally are safe and easy to use. Check out these leading glue traps — including a glue mouse trap — that can effectively control pests.

Trapper Max Glue Traps

Best Foldable Traps

A foldable glue trap can be advantageous. Trapper Max Glue Traps rank high among foldable traps because they can be used either flat or folded where rodents or other pests are present. They are sold as a package of 12 peanut butter-scented, non-toxic glue boards with a sticky surface measuring 4.5 by 6.5 inches.

Tomcat Glue Traps

Best Value

Exploit value when you buy glue traps by purchasing Tomcat Glue Traps. The low-priced package of six traps feature Eugenol for enhanced stickiness and are designed to effectively capture mice and other household pests, including spiders, roaches and scorpions. They can be placed in small places such as by an entry or garage doors, below windows or near utilities.

Catchmaster Baited Rat, Mouse and Snake Glue Traps

Best Glue Traps Overall

If pests are a big problem, get one of the best glue traps available, such as the Catchmaster Baited Rat, Mouse and Snake Glue Traps. Each one in the package of 12 traps folds into a tunnel shape for effective use in tight or dusty areas. The disposable, non-toxic traps are pre-baited with a professional strength adhesive and are effective in damp or humid areas.


Best Oversized Boards

If very large glue traps are called for, get the oversized KINGMAN PRIME Glue Trap. The 10 traps in the five-pack are engineered to be bigger and heavier than other mice traps for added stability, strength and security. They are suited for capturing rats, mice and other household pests. The ready-to-use and disposable traps are non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.

You can wait until pests multiply and overtake your home, or do something about it with an effective deterrent. These top-notch glue traps can effectively, easily and safely capture mice, rats, snakes and other pests.