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The best african violet plant food to ensure the right blend of nutrients

African violets are known for their unique growing conditions, and their food is no different. If you want to be sure your violets are getting the right blend of nutrients, our top choices for best African Violet plant food will help get you started.

African Violets’ unique needs require special types of soil and food for them to grow happy and healthy. Foods designed specifically for these plants ensure your violets get everything they need and nothing that could harm their wellbeing. Let’s find the perfect way for your violets to get a boost of nutrients.

Schultz African Violet Plus Liquid Plant Food

Best Plant Food Overall

This simple formulation is designed to help African Violets thrive. It uses only natural ingredients for gentle support for the growth of your African Violet. The 8-14-9 formula has everything your violets need in the right doses, while the dropper makes it a simple option to make sure the dosing is correct. It dissolves completely to affect the roots.

EarthPods Premium African Violet Plant Food

Best Plant Food Capsules

If you need a slow-release capsule for complete yet gradual feeding, this option is perfect. You get 100 violet capsules that just push into the soil and water. The tablet will break down gradually and release nutrients into the ground for long-lasting support. You can also use this violet food for other types of plants with similar nutrient options.

Espoma AV4, Organic African Violet Potting Mix

Best for Indoor Violets

This simple option provides food for your violet right in the potting mix. It features a simple solution designed specifically for your violet's wellbeing, using no artificial elements or synthetic fertilizers. It retains moisture while ensuring airflow continues around the roots — the perfect combination for African Violets.

Sun Gro Horticulture Black Gold African Violet Mix

Best Violet Potting Mix

This simple soil mix helps violets get the moisture it needs while also ensuring that the roots get plenty of air circulation. The peat moss, compost, perlite/pumice, and earthworm castings, creating the perfect environment for your violets to grow indoors or outside. It has plenty of nutrients and will encourage thriving growth.

African Violets are gorgeous houseplants with long-lasting blooms. Help keep them as healthy as possible with the right types of food made specifically for their needs. Our choices are designed especially for these lovely plants and will help make them as happy as possible.