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The best artificial succulents that look realistic

When you want succulents in a certain space, but there isn’t enough light. You can replace hard-to-maintain live plants with artificial ones, and no one will be any wiser. It’s time to decorate as you want and not worry about whether your succulents will thrive – and let’s face it, succulents don’t like staying indoors. Our top choices for artificial succulents can help you make the perfect choice.

Artificial succulents are for decorations in places where you don’t get the light succulents typically need — your windowless bathroom, for instance. Rinse them off to prevent dust and place them anywhere for simple, intriguing decor. Let’s find the right artificial succulent plant to decorate your space.

LuckyGreenery Artificial Succulents

Best Potted Succulents

These adorable mini succulents by LuckyGreenery come in real stone pots and look like living succulents. You get a collection of three different succulent types, including Aloe (4¾ x 3½ inches); Echeveria laui (4 x 3½ inches); and Haworthia coarctata f. greenii. (3½ x 3 inches). The only maintenance needed is occasional dusting. Made with nontoxic materials, the vibrant colors are also notable. You can also put them into your own pots to match your personal tastes.

Supla Mini Artificial Succulents

Cutest Designs

These mini-succulents by Supla, which includes 11 pieces of different succulent-genus-inspired faux plants, are great for craft projects, displays, or jewelry. You get an assortment of different varieties for visual interest. They’re realistic and fit anywhere, and are made from nontoxic materials with authentic coloring. Clean them off by dusting or running underwater.

Seeko Artificial Succulents

Most Realistic

Seeko Artificial Succulents are ultra-realistic and look great front and center in your home. They offer a beautiful selection of different succulents for craft projects or displays. They're vibrant and offer natural color tones you'd find in live succulent plants. They offer durable bendable stems to make placement easy without breakage.

Caqpo Artificial Succulent Plants

Best Value in Bulk

This simple option for bulk succulents provides plenty of choices with 15 succulents in all for craft projects or displays. They look great and require no maintenance besides a little dusting every now and then. They don't have any odor and are pet safe to protect curious dogs or cats. Plus, you get such a great variety of faux plants to meet your needs.

Succulents are such fun plants, but you might not always have the right conditions for keeping them in your home. These artificial succulents and artificial succulent pots will look great no matter where they are. These choices provide you with plenty of options for craft projects, display, or any other projects you may be brainstorming.

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