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Effective ways to mix and match patio furniture

Your patio furniture can look remarkably chic without having to match. In fact, some of the most fantastic layouts mix and match patio furniture like crazy! You know why? Because it offers you the chance to show off your personality.

Not only that, but many people can’t afford the high price of going out and purchasing a pre-packaged patio furniture collection. The great news is that you don’t have to spend tons of money on getting matching sets for your patio to look out of this world.

It turns out that there are a number of alternatives. Whether you’re mixing and matching wicker and teak outdoor furniture or a combo of other materials and colors entirely, there are effective ways to mix and match patio furniture. Check out our ideas below!

Cozy Wicker Chairs On Patio
Photo by Lachlan Ross/Pexels

Choose your color palette

Figure out which color you want to be dominant, and then choose others that complement it. For example, you could choose bright red as the primary color to add bright splashes to wooden outdoor furniture. You can then add touches of soft yellow, white, tawny-orange, green, blue, or black. Just ensure that you’re consistent with how you use these colors on your patio!

Mix your materials

No rule says that all your patio furniture must be made of the same materials. In fact, not even all individual pieces have to be made of the same material. For example, a wooden chair can absolutely have metal accents. Remember to implement the “Rule of Three” if you choose to go this route. Essentially, you’ll want to be sure that each of the materials you choose is repeated at least three times throughout your patio space.

Employ some tricks in your design

Just like no rule says your furniture must all be made of the same materials, there is also no rule that dictates just one approach when it comes to furniture fashion. Indeed, you can mix and match contemporary and traditional pieces just fine if you do it right.

“Doing it right” means employing the 80/20 rule. Basically, you need to have a primary furniture style with which you fill up 80 percent of your space. The remaining 20 percent can be filled with the secondary furniture style.

Use transitions in space

Another thing you can do to create a more natural blend when you mix and match is to use space transitions. For example, you can use a set of greenery, an area rug, outdoor fireplace, or half wall to create a separation of spaces. You then put your primary furniture style in one space and your secondary in the other.

“Wait a minute!” you cry! Won’t that just break up the styles instead of mixing and matching them? The answer is no. The reason why is that you’ll still employ the same overall color scheme for the entire patio area. The colors will unify the various styles you’ve chosen to use.

Brighten up your patio

Your patio with its mixed and matched furniture may look fabulous during daylight hours, but what happens when the sun sets? Not to worry. You can enhance the overall aesthetic of your patio space by employing mood lighting.

Consider placing paper lanterns, a fire pit, tiki torches, lamp posts, or string lights around your patio. Additionally, you can put fresh greenery in strategic spots, whether it’s day or night. The idea is to ensure that every element you place on your patio works together to engage your senses.

Wine Bottle and Glasses on Purple Mat
Photo by Dalila Dalprat/Pexels

Don’t forget layout and functionality

Remember the fresh greenery we just mentioned? There’s no reason it has to be merely decorative. Many plants are also helpful in repelling insects, and others like lavender can provide smells that have a calming effect. That could be wonderful if your goal is to create a relaxing space on your patio.

Finally, remember to plan ahead when it comes to the furniture layout. You might want to use your patio in different ways at different times. Say you want to have an evening where family and friends gather to relax and dine outside on the patio and then relax as the sun goes down. You can rearrange your layout to include a dining table. Alternatively, you might want a romantic evening where it’s just you and your significant other. A comfy hammock for two or an outdoor sofa might be your patio’s centerpiece.

The bottom line is that it’s a good idea to have several different layouts in mind that you’ve planned in advance. Have fun mixing and matching!

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