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4 great gifts for the gardener in your life

Did your sibling just take up gardening? Did you draw your garden-loving co-worker for the workplace gift exchange? There are so many different products and things on the market for gardeners. If you’re shopping for a gardener and aren’t quite sure what to get them, don’t worry! Here are four great gift ideas that’ll be sure to please the gardener in your life.

Garden Genie’s clawed gloves

Typically, you use a shovel or a little trowel for digging, but what if you want something with a little more dexterity? Garden Genie has you covered, with these fantastic garden gloves with plastic claw attachments for digging. The claws are scoop shaped, making digging easy, and the gloves and claws are easy to wash. They’re durable and bring the power of shovels to the tips of your fingers. Any gardener would be thrilled to have them.

“Floret Farm’s a Year in Flowers” by Erin Benzakein

This is a gift that even non-gardeners might enjoy! A 12-month planner and calendar with beautiful floral photography, this book has many uses. It even includes tips for gardening and flower arranging! This is a great way to keep track of all your gardening progress, such as when you planted your garden, what kinds of fertilizer you’re using, and how your plants are growing.

HitLights indoor grow lights

If you live somewhere with a darker, gloomier winter, what’s to keep the gardener in your life gardening throughout it? Look no further than HitLights and their indoor grow lights! These lights are high quality and have multiple, useful features. The timer allows you to make sure your plants are kept on a regular schedule and getting all the light they need. There are different modes and brightness levels, too, so you don’t have to worry about your partial shade plants getting roasted or your bright light plants being underfed. The lights have three adjustable heads, so you can arrange your plants however you like without worry.

Planter’s Choice indoor bonsai grow kit

Bonsai trees are the epitome of elegance. They have a peaceful, relaxing quality that can be so soothing. Caring for a bonsai tree, though, may seem intimidating. They’re trees, but they’re small, and they can live for such a long time! With the Planter’s Choice indoor bonsai grow kit, you don’t have to worry or stress about it. The kit includes everything you need to successfully raise a bonsai tree from seed. What’s more, you can grow not just one bonsai tree, but four! The kit has seeds, soil, pots, and instructions for Rocky Mountain Pine, Royal Poinciana, Blue Jacaranda, and Norway Spruce trees! It’s a lovely gift for a gardener of any skill level.

Whether you’re shopping for a close friend or a coworker you hardly know, you can’t possibly go wrong with any of these four gift ideas. They’ll be sure to satisfy and delight any gardener, regardless of their skill level.

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