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A coleus plant with orange and red leaves

Coleus plant care: How to grow it indoors and outdoors

Coleus plants are colorful and easy to grow, both indoors and out. If you want to add this lovely plant to your home or garden, this guide will show you how.
A crate full of harvested herbs

What herbs can be planted together? How to plan your herb garden

Alien eggs succulent

Incorporate the hortifuturism trend into your space for an out-of-this-world garden

An English ivy in a hanging basket

6 incredible types of ivy to spruce up your garden

Seedling growing from soil

This is when you should start seeds indoors

Seedlings growing in brown pots

How to grow houseplants from seeds

Roses in a white vase

How to make your roses last longer

Bird of paradise plant

Can you grow a bird of paradise from a cutting? Here’s what you need to know to grow your dream plant

A sage plant with purple flowers

6 plants you should cut back to keep your garden thriving this fall

Japanese maple tree

How to prune a Japanese maple, and when to do it for the best results

Person picking blackberries

How to propagate blackberries: Easy ways to increase your berry harvest

Spider plant on a table

Here’s how to propagate spider plants for a fun, low-maintenance way to decorate your home

A patio with colorful potted plants surrounding a bench.

9 low-maintenance outdoor potted plants your patio needs to be its brightest, most inviting self this summer

Want a beautiful garden without the fuss? These low-maintenance potted plants will thrive on your patio and add some great color to your space.
A basket of colorful petunias

11 plants and flowers that keep bugs away from your vegetable garden for a pest-free harvest

Trying to find some pretty flowers that keep bugs away? These 11 plants will help repel unwanted pests.
Potted marigolds

Focus on color: Bring some sunshine to your garden with these orange plants

This month, we're highlighting some striking orange plants to add to your garden.
Various plants on different stands

Grow your indoor or outdoor garden and support these Black-owned plant shops for Black History Month

Thinking about adding one more plant to your windowsill, or changing up the pots your green babies live in? Visit one of these Black-owned plant shops first.
Beautiful ripened tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes from seed for the biggest, most delicious haul

Nothing says summer like a ripe, juicy, bright red tomato. Here's how to grow tasty tomatoes from seeds for a yummy summer harvest.
Cherry tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes in pots for fresh, juicy results all growing season long

Tomatoes are easy to grow on your own. You don’t even need a big space or a garden. Check out this guide on how to successfully grow tomatoes in pots.
climbing roses

5 easy-to-grow, beautiful climbing roses that will impress your neighbors

These beautiful climbing roses will wow the gardener in your life—and your Instagram followers! Here are five of the easiest varieties to grow.
sunflowers in late summer

How late can you plant sunflowers and still see blooms? What you need to know about these beautiful giants

Worried you waited too long to plant sunflowers? Here's what you need to know about how late you can plant them to still get big, beautiful blooms.
growing chives

How to grow chives from seed in your garden or kitchen so that you always have fresh herbs on hand

We’ll teach you how to grow chives from seed outside in a garden or from the windowsill of your own kitchen. Let's get started!
Yellow boots, metal garden tools, green gloves, and a metal watering can in a flower bed next to a wooden garden path

4 great gifts for the gardener in your life

Not sure what to get the gardener in your life? Here are the 4 best gifts to consider!
Yellow boots, metal garden tools and watering can, and assorted potted flowers in front of a patch of dirt. A gloved hand scoops some of the dirt in a little shovel.

The 5 gifts to get new gardeners this holiday season

If someone you know has just taken up gardening, here are some ideas on what to get them!
Colorful potted flowers and garden tools arranged against a wooden wall with peeling blue paint

8 gifts for the gardener who has it all

Does the gardener in your life seem to have everything they need already? Here are some gifts to surprise and delight them!
Flower garden on a sloped landscape

Dry soil? These 7 plants will thrive in your arid garden

Arid soil doesn't mean death for your plants. These will grow great even in dry soil.