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Gardening Tools

Green garden cart with basket on the side full of fruit

Your guide to choosing a garden cart for all your yard projects

Gardening can be a lot of manual labor. With a garden cart, you can minimize physical strain and be more efficient.
growing chives

How to grow chives from seed in your garden or kitchen so that you always have fresh herbs on hand

We’ll teach you how to grow chives from seed outside in a garden or from the windowsill of your own kitchen. Let's get started!
Yellow boots, metal garden tools, green gloves, and a metal watering can in a flower bed next to a wooden garden path

4 great gifts for the gardener in your life

Not sure what to get the gardener in your life? Here are the 4 best gifts to consider!
Metal gardening tools, gardening gloves, and several colorful flowers arranged on a patch of soil

This is the single best gift to give any gardener

Looking for the best gift to get a gardener? Here is our recommendation.
Yellow boots, metal garden tools and watering can, and assorted potted flowers in front of a patch of dirt. A gloved hand scoops some of the dirt in a little shovel.

The 5 gifts to get new gardeners this holiday season

If someone you know has just taken up gardening, here are some ideas on what to get them!
Several potted plants arranged on a table with gardening tools

These are the best gifts for a novice gardener

Shopping for a novice gardener? Here's what we recommend you get them!
A small wicker basket on a table containing several gardening tools with green and yellow handles and floral gardening gloves

Pro gardeners will love these 5 gifts

If you're looking for gifts for a pro gardener, here's what we recommend!
Colorful potted flowers and garden tools arranged against a wooden wall with peeling blue paint

8 gifts for the gardener who has it all

Does the gardener in your life seem to have everything they need already? Here are some gifts to surprise and delight them!