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Our 9 favorite houseplant Instagram accounts

If you’re a plant lover, chances are you’ve browsed through your fair share of beautiful plant Instagram pages. Over the past few years, plant influencers have been on the rise, and they’ve been consistently sharing their love for all things green with stunning pictures of foliage. Not only will you find lush images in the plant Instagram community, but you’ll also discover a bevy of helpful tips. Whether you’re an indoor plant enthusiast or an outdoor garden connoisseur, check out Instagram for inspiration and advice. From @epicgardening to @gardenmarcus, we’ve rounded up the best houseplant Instagrams to help you feed your healthy love for plants! 

Potatoes growing in a container
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Just like his YouTube channel, Kevin Espiritu’s Instagram page is full of practical gardening tips. Most of his posts are quick reels about growing fruits and veggies in the garden. Whether you want information about building seedling tables or using a protective garden cover, @epicgardening is your one-stop shop. 


Christopher Griffin, aka @plantkween, is a queer, Brooklyn-based plant parent whose lush page will give you a jolt of joy each and every day. Griffin posts bright, saturated pictures posing in front of lush greenery. That said, the best parts of this page are the lengthy, reflective captions, which showcase a healthy love for foliage with positive affirmations! 


Darryl Cheng, the author of “The New Plant Parent,” chronicles his houseplant journey by logging his care in detail. While the logs are specific to his own plants, you can derive helpful information from his experiences, nonetheless. Cheng also often posts comparison pictures of his plants over time to showcase their sometimes slow but steady growth. He’s always ready to remind you about the dynamic nature of plants — so if a leaf or a whole plant dies on you, don’t feel bad! 


If you’ve been checking out the plant community, chances are you’re familiar with YouTuber Summer Rayne Oakes. While Oakes’ video channel focuses more on plant education and plant tours, her Instagram features more content about her day-to-day life. On her page, you’ll find not only the latest clips from videos but also photos of herself surrounded by her beautiful foliage and her chickens!


Phoebe Cheong’s plant page features pictures of her, her cat Pixel, and of course, her plants! Cheong, who works as a professional photographer, posts bright, happy pictures of her indoor jungle on her Instagram. Recently, she also collaborated with Summer Rayne Oakes in a video about how she ensures her plants thrive in her low-light apartment. Cheong goes on to explain that she started collecting plants because they remind her of home in Malaysia. 

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No need to look any further if you’re searching for stunning houseplants on Instagram. Hilton Carter is a plant and interior stylist, and his Instagram definitely displays his incredible talent! Browse through his gorgeous page full of tall, lush plants and elegant propagation tubes for inspiration. He’ll also post updates about his books: “Wild Interiors,” “Wild at Home,” and “Wild Creation.” 


Jolene from Jolene Foliage features photos of her dog, Finch, and her healthy, beautiful plants. If you love variegated houseplants, you’ll find plenty on her page, such as the monstera albo variegata and tradescantia nanouk. She also drops details about the plant tools she enjoys using, from greenhouse cabinets to humidifiers!


Jen Tao from @jenssuccs will have you falling in love with succulents! The more you get into the plant community, the less exciting succulents may seem compared to other species. Tao’s page may change your mind if this is the case. Her Instagram features beautiful, flower-like succulents that she puts in lush arrangements. You might just be inspired to create your own succulent piece, whether you’re placing your plants in a cup or on a tiny wreath. 


Marcus Bridgewater from @gardenmarcus will bring joy into any gardener’s feed. He keeps his posts thoughtful and full of warm, lighthearted humor. Bridgewater is known for creating short videos about plant care that tie in lessons about life. For example, plants that are rootbound might stop growing when they lack space because plants are just like us!

The  internet isn’t always the most relaxing place, but you’ll find a soothing little corner in the plant Instagram community. Nourish your love for greenery with beautiful pictures and videos by giving these pages a follow. Who knows, you might even find your next wishlist houseplant while scrolling! Whether you’re looking for lovely images of indoor jungles or quick videos about plant tips, Instagram is the perfect hub for finding passionate plant content creators. 

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