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Transform your garden this summer with these 6 DIY pallet garden design ideas

There are always fun ways you can save money in the garden. And recycling materials to make new things is not only good for the environment, but it’s fun too! That’s why we’ve gathered all the best ideas for recycling wooden pallets in the garden.

Maybe you consider one or more of these ideas to use up those pallets that are lying around your yard, or perhaps you have several, and you can build a whole new garden made entirely of recycled wooden pallets. Let’s dive into these homemade pallet garden design ideas to help grow your garden and make it a unique place to spend time!

1. Recycled pallet compost bin

One of the most expensive items in a garden is the compost bin. Buying one brand new can be costly, but building one out of used pallets can be a wallet saver and a planet saver! To make one, you’ll need at least three pallets for a three-sided compost bin, but four if you’d like to close off that fourth side.

To ensure smaller bits of compost don’t fall out of your bin, you can staple chicken wire to the insides of the pallets. Then you’ll have to find a location for your compost bin and screw or nail the pallet together so they stand together, making a square. Be sure to do your research on how to properly compost.

Wooden pallets

2. Pallet swing

When you’re on vacation in those sandy and tropical locations, they always have luxurious beds and swings around the beach. When you’re home, you might wonder how you could make one of those adult swings yourself. Using two pallets, chains, and hooks, you can create a swing where you can read, nap, or drink your glass of wine after a long day at work — in your garden!

Secure the two pallets together with longboards that span the length of the pallets. Drill the hooks into the four corners of the pallets and then into the tree or swing stand. Attach the chains to each set of hooks and fill the pallet swing with pillows, blankets, and other comforting items.

3. Pallet garden bench

Of course, you can use the pallets in their already construction form, or you can rip them apart and use their boards to make something new. Maybe start with a garden bench. There’s nothing like having a comfortable place to sit in your garden and admire the beautiful plants you’ve been working so hard to grow. So why not take a few pallets and use the boards to build a bench like this one by Etsy seller ModernClassicsPhilly, or like these chairs by seller CompassLaboratory.

4. Raised garden pallet bed

Raised gardens are super trendy, and they are especially useful in backyards and as hobby gardens. However, the traditional raised garden bed doesn’t get the garden too far off the ground. For some of us, reaching down and working the garden when it’s that low can be hard on our bodies. So instead, build a pallet garden and have a tall raised garden bed that you won’t have to bend over to work on.

Attach the pallets with rust-resistant nails or screws, fill the bottoms of the beds with sticks, then leaves, then compost and soil. You’ll save money on expensive wood, and you’ll save your back from having to bend over!

Stack of wooden pallets

5. Garden pallet fence

Local wildlife can sometimes threaten gardens. For example, almost everyone has experienced a deer or squirrel eating their hard-earned veggies. This is a disappointing and frustrating obstacle to overcome when gardening. The good news is you can use pallets to build yourself a protective fence around your garden. It’s probably the cheapest fence you’ll ever have, and it won’t take too long to build.

Secure the pallets together, and if you’d like extra protection from those smaller pests, staple chicken wire to the backs of the pallets. You could even close off the bottom of the top boards and use them as small flower boxes to make your garden fence cute. 

6. Herb garden pallet planter

How do you make a wooden pallet herb garden? You can easily create a pallet into an herb garden when standing on its side. You’ll be using the parallel boards as the growing boxes, and all you’ll have to do is use another board to close off the bottoms.

Once you’ve done that, all you’ll need is a good soil mix and your baby herb plants. Plant up the herbs and place them in a sunny but not too hot place. You might even consider staining or painting and then hanging the pallets to make them suit your aesthetics and use it as an herb garden and deck or patio decor.

So if you’ve been staring at the pallet pile and wondering what you can make for the garden with the pallets, this is the list for you. Use paint and stain to make these creations your own and feel good about recycling and building something for yourself. These pallet ideas for the garden are fun and valuable, so get to work at creating your eco-friendly garden.

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