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Person carrying old Christmas tree

Why mulching might be the best option for your old Christmas tree

That old Christmas tree doesn't need to go to the landfill. There are lots of new options, including turning the tree into eco-friendly mulch.
Exterior of greenhouse on concrete patio

Grow cold-hardy veggies in an unheated greenhouse this winter – here’s how

It's possible to grow cold-hardy veggies in an unheated greenhouse during the winter. Here's our complete guide.
Roses in a white vase

How to make your roses last longer

How long should your roses last? Find out and learn how to keep them alive longer with these tips.
Orange and orange peels

Add these fruit peelings to your compost pile to enhance its nutrients

What to know about adding fruit peelings to your compost piles.
Carrots of different colors

Does storing carrots in water help keep them fresh?

Can you keep carrots fresh in water? Let's talk about it.
Purple orchids growing in a basket

How to keep orchids alive and growing in your home or office

Orchids are gorgeous flowers that can thrive in your home or office. We offer easy tips for giving this stunning flower the proper care.
Harvested lettuce in a bowl

How to grow lettuce indoors to ensure you have healthy greens all year

With just a few items and some patience, you can grow this salad staple right in your kitchen! Here's how to grow lettuce indoors.
A person laying out all the materials to fertilize a houseplant

How often should you fertilize your indoor plants? Here’s what to know

Here's how often you should fertilize your indoor plants and how to set up a schedule.
Many cacti with brightly colored flowers

How often does a cactus flower bloom? What you need to know

How often can you expect your cactus to bloom? We have answers.
Girl in cactus shop

A complete care guide for keeping your rare spiral cactus happy

Keep your spiral cactus happy by following this guide.
Plant in a window

The 4 best window shelves for displaying happy houseplants

If you want to display your plants while also giving them all the light they need, buy one of these window shelves
Christmas tree by the fireplace

How long do Christmas trees last? Here are our tips on keeping them fresh for a long time

Here are tips for keeping your Christmas tree fresh so it doesn't die before you unwrap your presents for the holidays.
A Christmas cactus in full bloom

How to care for a Christmas cactus, the festive, tropical plant

Here's how to care for the Christmas cactus to get beautiful, bold blooms over the holiday season.
Assorted dehydrated fruit pieces

How long does dried fruit last? This is what we know

Dehydrated fruit is great, but how long does it last? We find out.
A collection of various houseplants

These are the most popular indoor plants of 2024 – add one or all to your collection

Want to know which plants will be popular in 2024? Here's what we know.
A small jade plant in a white pot

Is your jade plant not blooming? Try this

Longing to see your jade plant's beautiful flowers? Here's what you can do to help it along.
Frosty fern

From mini Christmas trees to ivy wreaths, here are the best small holiday season foliage picks

From ivy wreaths to mini Christmas trees, here are some small alternatives to full-sized Christmas trees this winter.
Decorating a Christmas tree

The 7 best types of Christmas trees to fill your home with holiday cheer

Here are 7 Christmas tree varieties to look out for when Christmas tree shopping this holiday season.
Vibrant green ferns

How do you care for a Christmas fern? Here’s what you need to know

Here's everything you need to know about caring for a Christmas fern this holiday season.
A small pumpkin sitting on top of a fence post

A guide to composting your pumpkins

If you want to make sure your pumpkins don't go to waste, here's how to compost them.
Person pushing a lawn fertilizer spreader

A guide to winter lawn fertilizer for keeping your turf healthy this season

Are you getting ready for winter? Make sure you know what fertilizer to buy for your lawn by following our guide.
Several peace lily plants growing outside

Worried about your peace lily’s leaves turning yellow? Here’s how to save it

Are your peace lily's leaves turning yellow? Here's what you need to do.
Beets laying on a table

Can you leave beets in the ground over winter? Here’s your guide on how to store beets for the winter

Here's everything you need to know about leaving beets in the ground over winter, including whether to do it.
A small potted pine tree wrapped in Christmas decorations next to a tiny snowman figurine

Get festive with these houseplant “holidadecoration” ideas

Want to make your home feel more festive? Use these tips to decorate your houseplants with holiday cheer.
Mason jar uses

How to grow hydroponic herbs in Mason jars for the most adorable garden

Design your own beautiful hydroponic garden in only 6 simple steps
A person holding a basket full of assorted vegetables

The best vegetables to plant in December

Vegetables planted in December need to grow indoors, and then you transplant them in the spring. We list the ones that are ideal for this.
An anthurium in a pot

How to propagate an anthurium for more beautiful blooms

How to propagate your long-lasting anthurium for the best results.
An orchid in a pot on the table

How to revive an orchid that’s struggling and return it to its majestic former glory

Orchids are beautiful houseplants, but they require some specific care. If yours isn't looking so great anymore, follow this guide to restore its beauty.
Top-down view of a variegated potted pothos

How to repot pothos: If your pothos plant has gotten out of hand, here’s what to do

How to repot your pothos plant if its growth has gotten out of hand.
A close-up of flowering peace lilies

Successfully propagate your own beautiful peace lily with these 4 tips

Hoping to successfully propagate your peace lily? Here are some tips to make sure you're successful
Blue metal furniture

How to identify vintage wrought iron furniture

Not all wrought iron furniture is technically vintage. Here's how to tell if that piece you found is legit or a total ripoff.
A tree with red berries covered in ice

Trying to beat the cold? Here are our favorite frost-resistant plants for any climate

When the weather gets chilly, you might wonder if you can grow anything that won't wilt. We have the tips you need to keep your plants alive through the frost.
Plumeria plants with white petals and yellow centers

How to grow fragrant and stunning plumeria plants indoors year-round

If you're wondering how to grow fragrant, lush plumeria flowers inside of your home, here are some tips and tricks.
Backyard Swimming Pool With Cover

Winter pool maintenance: Everything you need to know about keeping your pool tidy this season

You're not using it, but your pool still needs care in the off season. Here's our care guide.
Assorted dehydrated fruit pieces

How to store dried fruit so you can enjoy it for months to come

Did you dry fruit at home? Here's how long it will all keep.