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Mark Wolfe

Mark Wolfe

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Mark Wolfe is a freelance writer who specializes in garden, landscaping, and home improvement. After two decades in the nursery and landscape industry, he started blogging at In addition to his work for HappySprout, Mark has by lines at 21Oak, HGTV, WORX Toolshed, Bob Vila, Dave's Garden and more. He holds a degree in Outdoor Education from Northland College. When not writing, Mark can be found in his garden, tending bees, or traveling and exploring nature.

Lemons and crystalized citric acid on a cutting board

What fruits have citric acid?

Citric acid is a hidden component of many fruits — but it's more important than you think
Manicured Bermuda lawn

Choosing the best grass seed for your lawn – what you need to know

Pick the right seed for your yard by following this guide
Carrots of different colors

Does storing carrots in water help keep them fresh?

Can you keep carrots fresh in water? Let's talk about it.
Assorted dehydrated fruit pieces

How long does dried fruit last? This is what we know

Dehydrated fruit is great, but how long does it last? We find out.
Assorted dehydrated fruit pieces

How to store dried fruit so you can enjoy it for months to come

Did you dry fruit at home? Here's how long it will all keep.
Stone house with yard full of golden leaves

Here’s everything you need to know about lawn care this fall

Make sure your lawn continues thriving this fall by following these tips.
Scarecrow among fall flowers

8 beautiful, fall-blooming perennials to add to your garden

For the best fall colors, plant these bright, gorgeous perennial flowers in your garden landscape this autumn.
Hands full of fallen leaves

How to use fall leaves in your compost pile

Fall leaves are a great addition to your compost pile. Here's what to keep in mind when you add them.
View of a vegetable garden

Wondering what to plant in October? Here are the best flowers and vegetables for autumn

Here's a thorough guide on what to plant in your garden this October for delicious winter and spring harvests.

How to store the carrots you just picked from your garden

Fresh-picked veggies don't always last. Here's how to store your carrots so they last longer
watering a raised garden bed with a watering can

This is the absolute best time of day to water your vegetable garden

Learn all our tips and tricks for strategic garden watering — from the best time to water a vegetable garden to ways to boost efficiency.
Predatory mite

How to get rid of red spider mites in your garden without breaking the bank or the environment

Red spider mites can do serious damage to your garden. Here's how to identify them and stop them before they get out of control.
Basil potted plant

Does basil repel mosquitoes? We tested it to find out

Basil: Does it really repel mosquitos? We dig into the facts to find out.
Close up of a yellow hibiscus flower

How to deadhead hibiscus to keep beautiful blooms going

Should you deadhead your hibiscus blooms? Here's what you should know
Garlic bulbs and cloves

Can you use garlic as a pesticide? What you need to know

Is garlic spray an effective natural insecticide? We did the research to get the answers you need.
Orchard row

Fruits that grow in shade for backyards with lower light

If you're looking for fruits that grow in shade, these trees can thrive in less sunlight and will grow beautifully.
A person mowing the lawn with a black push mower

This is when – and why – you should scalp your Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass can get unruly. Rather than be "that" neighbor with the overgrown lawn, know how and when to scalp your Bermuda grass.
Placing pressed flowers in a frame

Wondering what to do with dead flowers? Our favorite ways to give them new life

Your fresh-cut flowers can still be beautiful after they wilt. Here are some great suggestions for what to do with them.
Manicured Bermuda lawn

Bermuda grass: How to keep it from taking over your lawn

What is Bermuda grass and how is it hurting your lawn? We break it down in this simple guide.
Family collecting fallen leaves

Composting fall leaves is easier than you think – Here’s how to make use of all those fallen leaves

From compost to mulch, all those fallen leaves in your yard can be put to good use in your garden. Here's how to make them work for you.
Squirrel eating a peach from a tree

What you need to know about electric garden fences

Electric garden fences can help keep vermin out, but there's a lot you may not know about them. Here are the details.
Lobelia erinus blooming in a container

These cool-season annuals would be a great addition to your garden

Add these attractive cool-season annuals to your garden to brighten up your fall.
Shovel in pile of dirt compost

‘Should I Compost in the Fall?’ Yes, Absolutely! Here’s What to Use and How to Do It

Fall is the best season for composting. Here's what you should be adding to your pile and how to do it.
Scarecrow among fall flowers

Here are the best flowers to plant this coming season

Plant these flowers this fall for a beautiful, colorful garden.
Hands showing a broccoli head growing in the garden

How to plant broccoli you’ll actually look forward to eating

Broccoli has a bad reputation, but it's an easy vegetable to grow from seed. Here's how to grow broccoli your friends will be jealous of.
Palm tree on a beach

What you need to know about palm tree care and maintenance

If you want to add tropical vibes to your landscape, here's everything you need to know about caring for palm trees.
Mowing with a reel mower

Push lawnmower vs. electric mower: Which one is best for you?

Are push or electric lawnmowers better? Here's how to choose the right one for your lawn.
mossy forest landscape

How to grow moss where a grass lawn will not survive

Have patches where grass won't grow in your yard? Learn how to grow moss with our planting guide to add some beautiful green moss to your yard.
white dog lying on green lawn

What is buffalo grass, and should it be in your lawn?

Should buffalo grass be growing in your lawn? If you're wondering what buffalo grass is, here's the information you need.
gloved hands planting a tomato plant

What you need to know about using blood meal for plants

Interested in using blood meal for plants in your garden but don't know where to start? We have you covered here.
Flower garden full of annual flowers

How do you plant flowers? Here are the steps to cultivating a beautiful backyard flower garden

How do you plant flowers? If you want lush blooms, here's a guide on how to start a beautiful backyard garden today.
Hands holding compost

How long does it take to make compost for your soil?

How long does it take to make compost to use in your garden? Here are the steps to making compost for your soil.
A black plastic compost tumbler in a garden

Can you compost orange peels? What you need to know

Have you wondered if you can add all your leftover orange peels to your compost bin? Here's what you need to know.
Fertilizing lawn

What’s the best grass seed for your yard? It’s complicated

If you love the look of a lush green lawn, you might wonder what is the best grass seed for it. We offer our best advice.
plug aerator closeup

How to find the best time to plug aerate your lawn

Plug aeration can help keep your lawn green and lush without chemical intervention. Here's how, and when, to do it.