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Kiera Baron

Kiera Baron

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Kiera Baron is a freelance writer and editor, as well as a budding digital artist, based in Upstate NY. She is currently one of three editors for Last Leaves Literary Magazine, and has been previously published with The Ithaca Times, The Trumansburg Free Press, Step Outside, and Best Things NY. She's passionate about plants and coffee, and loves the nitty gritty side of editing. Although poetry is her language of choice, she dreams to publish a few nonfiction books one day.

A collection of potted cacti

How long does it take for a cactus to grow? Here’s what we know

Wondering how long you'll need to wait for your cactus to grow? Here's what we know.
Jalapeno harvest

How to grow jalapeños from seed to harvest: Your complete guide

Learn how to grow jalapeños from seed for a successful harvest. Here's your simple guide.
Fresh sprigs of flat leaf parsley

How are Italian parsley and curly parsley different? Here’s what we know

Here's what we know about the difference between Italian parsley and curly parsley, and why it matters.
Pothos growing in water

Can pothos live in water forever? How to root, grow, and propagate pothos in water

Pothos are often grown in soil, but they can also grow in water. Here's what to know about growing pothos in water.
A cluster of ripened tomatoes

Do tomatoes need full sun to thrive? What you need to know

Tomatoes: Do they need full sun? How much sun? What kind of sunlight is best? We tell you what you need to know.
Leaves on a plant turning brown

Brown tips on plants can be a sign of many different conditions – here’s how to identify and treat them

Do the leaves on your indoor plants have brown tips? Here's what's causing them and how to fix the problem.
A gardener pruning plants

How to prune houseplants: A complete guide

Pruning your indoor houseplants will help keep them happy, healthy, and thriving. Our tips will show you how to do it right.
Shelves of air purifying plants

The 7 best houseplants for allergies

These 6 plants are not only great for allergies, but they also help purify the air. We call that a win-win.
A person holding a pothos plant

Here are the top oxygen-producing plants to bring into your home

Get these oxygen-producing plants to boost your health. Here's how to grow them in your home.
Potted rosemary plants on a table

A guide to growing rosemary indoors from seed to spice up your dishes

Under the right conditions, not only can you grow rosemary indoors, but you can also grow it from seed to plant — here's how
A person composting greens

Can you compost meat? What you need to know

Is meat on the list of things you can compost? Read on to find out!
Herbs rooted in water

The 8 best plants to grow in a hydroponic garden

These are some of the best plants to grow in your hydroponic garden
A person repotting a plant

How to pack plants for moving so that the movers (or you) don’t damage them

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about your plants. Here's how to pack your plants so that they arrive at their new home safe and sound.
Hanging planters made of a recycled tire and bucket.

Here are some fun and easy DIY plant wall ideas

Use these ideas to build a plant wall in your home.
A fruit-bearing pomegranate tree

How to grow pomegranates from seeds

Learn how to propagate your own pomegranate tree from seeds that you can scoop up at home.
A pothos as a wall vine

How to spruce up your living room with indoor climbing plants

You can add a vining plant to your home without it taking over your space! Here's our guide on how to do just that.
A person reaching for a head of lettuce

Can you grow hydroponic herbs?

Can you start herbs in a hydroponic garden? Here are the plants to try.
Purple potted orchids

Wondering how much light orchids need? We have your answers

If you're stuck as to where to place your orchid, here are the answers to your questions about orchid lighting needs.
Person watering a houseplant

Do indoor plants go dormant during the winter? What you need to know

What you need to know about the houseplants that go dormant over wintertime and how to care for them.
A few small aloe vera plants

Aloe vera seed pods: How to harvest them and grow your own plants

Want to start an aloe vera plant from a seed? Here's where to find the pods or propagate your aloe plant's pups.
Exterior of greenhouse on concrete patio

Grow cold-hardy veggies in an unheated greenhouse this winter – here’s how

It's possible to grow cold-hardy veggies in an unheated greenhouse during the winter. Here's our complete guide.
Harvested lettuce in a bowl

How to grow lettuce indoors to ensure you have healthy greens all year

With just a few items and some patience, you can grow this salad staple right in your kitchen! Here's how to grow lettuce indoors.
A Christmas cactus in full bloom

How to care for a Christmas cactus, the festive, tropical plant

Here's how to care for the Christmas cactus to get beautiful, bold blooms over the holiday season.
Several peace lily plants growing outside

Worried about your peace lily’s leaves turning yellow? Here’s how to save it

Are your peace lily's leaves turning yellow? Here's what you need to do.
A person holding a basket full of assorted vegetables

The best vegetables to plant in December

Vegetables planted in December need to grow indoors, and then you transplant them in the spring. We list the ones that are ideal for this.
An orchid in a pot on the table

How to revive an orchid that’s struggling and return it to its majestic former glory

Orchids are beautiful houseplants, but they require some specific care. If yours isn't looking so great anymore, follow this guide to restore its beauty.
Top-down view of a variegated potted pothos

How to repot pothos: If your pothos plant has gotten out of hand, here’s what to do

How to repot your pothos plant if its growth has gotten out of hand.
A person holding a small potted cactus with several other cacti in the background

Don’t know how often you need to water your cactus? We have answers that might surprise you

If your cactus is overwatered or underwatered and you just can't seem to figure out what it needs, we've got you covered with this easy guide.
Potted green cordyline plants on the ground

Cordyline care: How to make your cordyline plants thrive and bring the tropics indoors

Cordylines are native tropical plants, but with the proper care, they can thrive inside of your home.
Anthurium blooms

Everything you need to know about indoor anthurium care

Because the anthurium is a tropical plant, indoor care can be finicky unless you have the right conditions. We'll show you how to grow it indoors.
Pumpkin on a vine

The best vegetables to plant in November

Planting vegetables in November means growing your seedlings indoors, and some plants will fare better than others.
Five grown tomatoes

If you’re curious about growing tomatoes indoors during winter, here’s what to do

Growing tomatoes inside during the winter is possible. If environment conditions are met, you'll enjoy a fresh indoor harvest!
Pothos vines

How to prune pothos to keep them tidy and thriving

How to prune your pothos to make sure it continues to thrive
A succulent in a gift box

The 5 best places to buy succulents online to start your plant collection

Want to buy succulents online but don't know where to look? These websites are a good place to start!
A person propagating pothos plants

Can you propagate plants in the fall? Focus on these plants if you do

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you plan on propagating your plants this fall.