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These accessories are fun additions to anyone’s gardening routine

As much love as we have for a reliable pair of pruning shears, gardening supplies don’t need to be utilitarian all of the time. You can certainly invest in whimsical items that also happen to offer practical use for your plants. If you’re keen to find a garden accessory that’s not another gnome, keep reading ahead!

Macrame plant hanger

Mini macramé plant hanger

Add a casually chic vibe to your space with a mini macramé plant hanger. This particular set of two knotted and tasseled macramé holders from Amazon works perfectly for windows and porches as well as rearview mirrors. It actually comes with two mini terracotta pots with faux plants, though you can easily replace these with actual plants.

Ivolador planter hanging glass for hydroponic plants

Mix up your propagation game with these whimsical hanging propagation vessels. While officially marketed as terrariums, they don’t actually have a lot of space for a robust terrarium environment. However, they’re great for cuttings that you’re trying to root in water, as they come with small holes where you can stick in plant nodes. Each set comes with raindrop, diamond, and triangle vessels. Simply add water and your plants through the holes, then hang the vessels with the twine provided.

KiKiHeim self-watering globes

Water globes don’t have to be spherical! These garden accessories consistently deliver water to your soil, excellent for watering your plants when you’re on vacation. Water globes aren’t only available in clear glass or plastic spheres with tapered ends. Some come with beautifully painted surfaces, while others have novel shapes. You can get sets with dainty birds, or, in the case of these KiKiHeim self-watering globes, quirky cat heads!

Plant mister

Hokplite plant mister

There’s a debate over how effective misting can be for giving your plants humidity. However, it never hurts to have one on hand—you can also use it for light watering, wiping leaves, or blasting away pests. Plant misters don’t need to be boring, either. Skip the bulky plastic ones and keep it chic by investing in a mister with an elegant metallic pump nozzle and pumpkin shape—this one from Hokplite makes for a beautiful piece in your garden accessories collection and will encourage you to keep a closer eye on your plants!

Uncommon Goods glow and grow candle grow kit

Pamper yourself with a fresh soy-blend candle that you can use to bring freshness into your home, then later upcycle as a planter! This special kit from Uncommon Goods comes with soil discs and seeds—you can pick up daisy, aloe, or basil depending on the candle that you choose. When the wax burns out, use the container as a convenient grow pot.

Fertgo garden solar light

Solar lights charge in sunlight during the daytime so they can keep your porch lit up at night. They’re practical in that they can keep things safe and visible when it’s dark, but they also keep your home looking stunning at night. You definitely have options beyond the generic spotlights and pathway lights from your local big-box garden center. This intricate beauty from Fertgo is made with crackled glass and comes with a stainless steel crescent moon with star cutouts—when the light turns on at night, you’ll be able to witness beautiful shadows!

Tirrinia safari sun hat

When you’re a novice gardener, you might be so caught up in plant tools and accessories that you forget to grab essentials that protect you! One gardening must-have is a wide-brimmed garden hat. The perfect one for your planting endeavors will shade both your neck and your face from the sun. It should also be lightweight, water-resistant, and packable. UPF for extra sun protection is a plus, and so is a drawstring to secure it to your head on windy days. This design from Tirrinia encompasses all of these elements while coming in cute pastel colors such as pink, baby blue, yellow, and more—it’ll look great hanging from the hook in your garden shed!

Looking to spruce up your plant space? Add an accessory or two to give your porch, yard, greenhouse, or living room a personal touch. From elegantly designed plant misters to beautifully detailed solar lights, there are plenty of options out there to complement the greens in your garden or indoor jungle!

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