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These unique garden kits are the perfect gift for any plant lover

Between herb seed starters and hydroponic garden systems, there are plenty of ready-to-go kits out there for plant enthusiasts. But what if you want to grow more than just basil and rosemary in your home? Or what if you want to give someone a plant kit that’s one-of-a-kind? From sets for cocktail gardens to cactus seed starters, we’ve gathered the most unique garden kits out there for plant lovers!

Cocktail with mint

Plant Theatre cocktail garden kit

There’s no need to go out of your way to source the ingredients you need for a refreshing cocktail (except for the drink itself, of course)! Each Plant Theatre cocktail garden kit that you order includes six biodegradable pots, six expandable peat discs, six plant markers, and six seed sachets. The seeds in the set are lime basil, hyssop, mint, lemon balm, cucamelon, and blue borage. Not only will you receive all the herbs you need, but you’ll also get easy-to-follow drink recipes to develop your mixologist skills. The next time you host a party, you’ll be ready to go with fresh drinks!

Hapinest herbal tea indoor garden seed starter kit

Growing plants and drinking tea are both relaxing pastimes, so why not combine the best of both worlds? Nourish plants that you can turn into delicious drinks for sipping! Along with an instruction booklet, the Hapinest herbal tea indoor garden seed starter kit comes with all that you need for herbal tea goodness: four biodegradable planting pots, two expanding soil discs, four plant markers, four herb seed packets, a tea infuser, and a pair of scissors. The seeds included are chamomile, peppermint, clover, and lemon balm—all perfect for a recharging cup in the morning or afternoon. After your herbs grow, use the tea infuser to enjoy your harvest!

Garden Republic cactus seed starter kit

Cacti take a minute to grow, but these prickly plants can be well worth your time and effort! Garden Republic’s Cactus Seed Starter Kit includes four soil discs, pruning shears, four burlap grow bags, four plant markers, a wooden gift box that can be used as a planter, and four packs of non-GMO seeds—you’ll receive two succulent variety packs and two cacti variety packs! To improve your chances of successful germination, pre-soak the seeds a day before you plant them. With cacti and succulents, you’ll especially want to give your seedlings ample sunlight to encourage growth—in fact, it’s ideal to leave your planter outdoors to give it maximum brightness! When growing succulents and cacti from seed, patience is key because they’re notoriously slow growers.

Nuggets of Nectar butterfly garden flower seed starter kit

Attract beautiful pollinators to your garden with this butterfly garden seed starter kit, which includes seeds for swamp milkweed, lance leaf coreopsis, sulfur cosmos, purple cornflower, blanket flower, and zinnia. Each seed starter has six biodegradable pots, six coco coir discs, six flower stakes, six coasters, a spoon, and a growing guide. Everything comes in a gorgeous printed box with butterflies, so it also makes for a beautiful and presentable gift. Kids are great recipients of this kit since it’ll teach them about growing flowers and the process of pollination.

Terrarium project kit

TerraGreens Creations fairy garden kit

If you’ve ever scrolled through plant tags on Instagram and longed for a fairy garden terrarium, you can build one yourself—it’s a soothing weekend project that’s perfect for undertaking with friends and family. Part of the fun of assembling a terrarium is tracking down the materials that go in one. However, if you simply don’t have the time, this TerraGreens Creations fairy garden includes everything that you need: organic soil, pea gravel, activated charcoal, moss, seeds, a glass globe, and of course tchotchkes such as toadstool mushrooms and polished river pebbles. When you put everything together, you’ll get a beautiful display to enjoy. Your final piece should also be relatively self-sustaining, save for the occasional pruning and misting.

While most plant enthusiasts will appreciate a thoughtful herb starting kit, why not sweeten things up in the gift department with a garden set that’s more out-of-the-box? From kits for herbal tea to ones that attract butterflies, you’ll discover unique gift kit options out there for plant lovers. All your plant lover has to do is add sunshine and water to grow some magic!

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