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Good, better, best: The perfect gas grill for your outdoor kitchen

Grills these days do a lot more than cook Independence Day hot dogs. Viewed as a more flavorful and healthful alternative to some other, more conventional cooking methods, grilling is the centerpiece of many a culinary adventure, from the everyday to the downright fancy.

Does any of that sound appealing? You may be ready to make a long-term investment in a heavy-duty gas grill. A solid gas grill is easy and economical to use, stands up to wear and tear over time, is fairly simple to use and maintain, and can provide the kind of flexibility and functionality you need in an everyday cooking space.

There are hundreds of models of gas grills out there, from tiny table top models to supercharged behemoths that stretch well into five-figure territory. So how are you supposed to know where to start? Luckily — we’re here to help you out. We scoured Amazon to find the highest-rated, most reputable gas grills out there. All three of the models below meet the sweet spot between quality, value, and function.

Things to keep in mind before you buy your grill

Before we get to the recommendations, here are some things to remember when shopping for a grill.

  • Burners: These should be made of stainless steel or be porcelain-coated to fend off rust.
  • Durability: Look for cast aluminum, cast iron, enamel-bonded steel, and stainless steel. Sturdy legs are a huge plus.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: This will vary by model, but check to see how grease and other waste is collected and how easy it is to remove. Also check whether the grates are removable and whether it’s easy to access burners and other parts that will need to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Size: This also varies based on personal preferences and other factors, but a general goal is 72 inches (or 8 by 9 inches) of grilling space for each person you want to cook for. Grill size in total square inches tends to be readily available and is listed for our three models below.
  • Fuel type: Propane or natural gas? Natural gas requires a permanent gas line at the location of your grill, while propane gives you more flexibility in terms of moving and storing your grill. It will probably make your search go more smoothly if you decide on a preference before you get started.

Now that we have that in place, let’s look at the best ones to buy.

Good: Blackstone 1554 Flat Top Gas Grill

Size: 720 square inches

Everything but the microwave. Powered by four propane burners, this grill closely approximates what you’d find in many restaurant kitchens, with a wide “flat top” griddle surface designed to handle hamburgers right alongside over-easy eggs.

If you’re looking for grill marks, this one isn’t for you. It also does not have a stove burner. But if you want cooking surface and a lot of it — and an investment that won’t wreck your budget — this may be your best bet.

Better: Napoleon Rogue SE 625 Gas Grill

Size: 980 square inches

Available in propane or natural gas, five stainless-steel burners get this unit cranking fast. And that’s just the beginning. The unit comes standard with two infrared burners: One is for a rotisserie and the other is a “sear station” for steaks and chops. It also has the largest cook space of all our winners, with nearly 1,000 square inches.

It’s hard to find a weakness on units this good, but this model also lacks a stove burner. In this writer’s humble opinion, the ability to boil water or keep chili simmering makes a burner worth its weight in gold.

Best: Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill

Size: 769 square inches

This propane-fueled gem has six burners, including that sought-after stove-style side burner. It also includes infrared rotisserie and searing burners, then ups the ante with a smoker burner. Its LED fuel level indicator will also come in handy time and again.

The main drawback? This is a major financial investment, and it may be more grill than you need. Before you pony up, think long and hard about whether you’ll use a smoker burner.

Although these are ranked based on features and function, all are well-constructed, thoughtfully developed products that can serve you well for years to come, even under the heavy duty of frequent meal prep. If you want a gas grill as a second kitchen, these are three elite-level options.

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