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Scott Harris

Scott Harris


Scott Harris is a freelance writer based near Washington, DC, with more than a decade of experience covering health, wellness, and nature, among other topics. His work has appeared on, Vice, Bleacher Report, MedPage Today, and Healthline, to name a few. In his spare time Scott enjoys writing fiction, playing with his kids, and searching for the perfect vegan brownie.

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Person carrying old Christmas tree

Why mulching might be the best option for your old Christmas tree

That old Christmas tree doesn't need to go to the landfill. There are lots of new options, including turning the tree into eco-friendly mulch.
Woman waters ZZ plants

Do ZZ plants cause cancer? Here’s the definitive answer

The ZZ plant is a popular, hardy indoor plant. There is a persistent rumor, however, that the plant causes cancer. We did some digging to find out if it's true.
Three people holding a small wooden crate full of lettuce

What you need to know about light deprivation (or ‘light dep’) greenhouses and how they work

Light deprivation, or "light dep" greenhouses are gaining favor with lots of horticulturists and hobby gardeners alike.
Fiddle-leaf fig beside stairs

Fiddle-leaf fig care in winter: What to do about those brown spots?

Fiddle-leaf fig trees are beautiful — and a little high-maintenance. For several possible reasons, their leaves can develop brown spots. Here's how to treat them.
Cleaning winter grill

What to know about BBQ tool storage: How to store your outdoor grill this winter

Grills can be a big investment. Proper care and storage over the winter are important to ensure that they last long.
container summer squash man cutting

What you need to know about successfully growing summer squash in containers

Summer squash is a savory and delicious treat. There's no reason you can't grow it in containers, helping you save space in your garden. Here's your full gide.
best outdoor gas grill woman grilling outside

Good, better, best: The perfect gas grill for your outdoor kitchen

A guide to the best gas grills to invest in for your outdoor kitchen
Sago palm

Sago palms date back to the age of dinosaurs. How to grow them at home

Sago palms are not your average house plant. They have a fascinating history that spans the globe. Here's all the info you need to grow a sago palm at home.
right size deck for you man building

Renovating your backyard? How to decide what size deck is right for you

What size deck should you build? There are many factors involved, but it's possible to get a pretty good idea before you start building or calling contractors.
how to protect flowers from cold woman winterizing plants

Protect your flowering plants this winter by following these simple steps

Winter can be a killer, quite literally, for many flowering plants. Here's how to protect them when the weather turns frosty and the elements pose a danger.
vegetables to start in the greenhouse winter harvesting carrots

Start these vegetables in the greenhouse this winter for a delicious harvest

Your greenhouse garden doesn't have to stop when it's cold. If you want a delicious harvest, consider starting these vegetables in your greenhouse this winter.
winterizing lawn mower man lawnmower

How to properly winterize and store your lawn mower so it survives the season

Make sure your lawn mower survives the season by following this guide to properly winterizing it