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Good, better, best: Outdoor sheds for garden storage

Once you start to hunker down on the gardening life, you’ll eventually find yourself in need of space to store all of your planting tools. Luckily, plenty of garden storage sheds exist out there. Still, having a host of choices can be overwhelming, in and of itself! If you have limited garage space or don’t want to go back into the house every time you need to grab your supplies, an outdoor garden shed may just be what you need. Ahead, we break down three choices for the top picks out there and give them a good, better, best ranking to help you choose one that suits your home and needs.

Good: Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

The Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed is a good choice when you’ve accumulated quite a few garden supplies but don’t need a full-blown shed yet. It has a convenient, horizontal size at 34 x 55 x 28 inches, the perfect dimensions for storing your fertilizers, pruning scissors, gloves, watering cans, sprays, and other tools. The construction is also high-quality—it’s made from a water-resistant resin material and features double-walled construction that resists leaking and denting.

Because it’s essentially plastic, this outdoor garden shed resists rot, mold, and insect damage as well. At $230, you get a high-quality product that can compactly store supplies for a small garden, and the assembly shouldn’t take you any longer than half an hour. The drawback is that it is relatively modest in size, so you’ll need extra storage when you expand your gardening toolkit. And while it can accommodate a lock and some shelving, you’ll need to purchase those items separately. Some reviewers have mentioned slight warping when you leave the shed outside for too long, so be careful about extreme temperatures!

In short:

  • Pros
    • Convenient and compact horizontal size
    • Resists leaking and denting as well as rot, mold, and insect damage
    • Quick construction
  • Cons
    • Modest storage space
    • Only space for some shelving
    • Some reviewers mention warping

Better: Suncast Vertical Storage Shed

At $477, the Suncast Vertical Storage Shed is a better choice because of its larger capacity and more stylish design. While the Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed offers 18 cubic feet of storage, this product provides nearly six times more space at 106 cubic feet for only twice the price. (Its exact measurements, for what it’s worth, are 44.28 in. x 77.52 in. x 69.48 in.) This vertical storage shed can store not only small garden and patio accessories but also long-handled tools and equipment. Some reviewers have shown pictures of ladders and plastic tubs being stored as well! The design will also be more aesthetically pleasing due to the handles and paneling on the exterior. As opposed to being a large beige box, it’s a true shed that will sit nicely on the side of your home or fence.

Plus, the Suncast Vertical Storage Shed consists of a durable resin that’s not only water resistant, but also UV protective. Again, it doesn’t come with shelves, but you can install more shelves due to the size. Based on a handful of customer reviews, installation takes about an hour or two, but the final result is worth your effort.

In short:

  • Pros
    • More storage space for long-handled tools and equipment
    • More intricate and aesthetically pleasing design
    • Resin is water resistant and UV protective
  • Cons
    • Doesn’t come with shelves
    • Installation takes longer

Best: Rubbermaid Big Max Storage Shed

The Rubbermaid Big Max Storage Shed is the best option here due to its ample storage space and thoughtful design features. With a 428 cubic feet capacity, its $789 price tag turns out to be the most economical for how much space you get. With this shed, you’ll have enough room to store large garden equipment and sporting goods such as mowers and bicycles. The door also opens 180 degrees so that you can access your items with ease. The sleek roof and cross-style doors with panel detailing are also aesthetically pleasing, adding a rustic flair to your garden or yard. On top of all that, it’s designed with double-walled construction and wall-connector pins to be a heavy-duty workhorse, so it’s dent and leakproof. Plus, the roof has an integrated rain gutter and can also withstand snowfall—because it’s plastic, however, it may not be the best choice for heavy windstorms. You also get windows that allow for better visibility of your items as well.

Installing this shed will take a good part out of your day, and many reviewers recommended having another person around or working with contractors. Again, for the final product, the effort that you put into assembly is relatively understandable!

In short:

  • Pros
    • Large storage capacity
    • Double-walled construction that’s dent and leakproof
    • Roof has gutter and can withstand snowfall
  • Cons
    • Not for extreme weather, such as severe windstorms
    • Longer assembly that may require more than one person

Any of these sheds would make a fine addition to your yard, providing you with space to stow away all your gardening equipment. Before finalizing your purchase, consider the size you need and what kind of aesthetic you’re looking for. As soon as you make your choice and install your outdoor shed, make it officially yours by investing in organizing shelves and a secure padlock!

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