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Bring a piece of vintage to your backyard with these 3 pieces

Vintage furniture can be stylish, classy, and fun. There are plenty of eras to choose from, although not everyone agrees on how old something needs to be in order to be considered vintage. Generally, if something is between 50 and 100 years old it is definitely vintage, but some people consider things to be vintage starting at 20 or 30 years old. You may even already own some vintage furniture without realizing it! Backyard furniture can be a little harder to find vintage furniture for, since outdoor furniture needs to be more weather resistant. If you’re interested in adding a touch of time to your yard, here are our recommendations!

Alpine Corporation’s Peacock Bistro Set

This bistro set made it into our top three picks because it makes a statement without breaking the bank, plus it folds up for easy storage for those with limited space. It consists of two chairs and a small, round table. It’s the perfect size for sitting with a friend and enjoying a nice cup of coffee out in the garden. The teal color harmonizes with the greens of a garden, while just being different enough to subtly draw the gaze. The table and chairs both have a peacock feather design, which is elegant and fun without being overbearing. The style of the peacock feathers is reminiscent of the roaring 20s, making this a fun vintage addition to any space without clashing with  furniture you may already have.

Outsunny Wagon Wheel Bench

Dust off your hoop skirts and leather chaps to make way for our second choice. If the roaring 20s aren’t far enough back for you, how about a piece of the pioneer days? This beautiful wood bench flanked by a pair of lovely wagon wheels is just the piece of furniture to make any day in the garden feel like an adventure! The dark fir wood is sleek and feels natural in any outdoor space, while the wheels add a touch of fun. The comfortable seat and back are weather resistant and very sturdy, so, even though it’s wood, you don’t need to worry about weather damage.

Zenggp Vintage Rocking Chair

If you’re looking for something that seats one and is ideal for long mornings spent in a quiet corner of your garden, tucked away with a book, look no further than this vintage rocking chair, which is our top pick. The design sets it apart from most modern rocking chairs, making it visually interesting, and the elegant curves and curls add a whimsical feeling. The curves have another bonus, in that they are comfortable, fitting to your legs and back in a way that makes this chair a delight to sit in.

These three pieces are excellent, perfect for bringing a touch of classier days to your garden. Any one of them would be a real conversation starter, so now all you need to do is choose! From the sweet peacock bistro, to the rustic wagon wheel bench, and finally to the elegant rocker, your garden or patio will be the envy of your whole neighborhood. So go ahead and make your decision, then you can sit back and relax in your lovely new patio furniture.

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